Coloured Rays of Grey

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I am complicatedly simple, religiously unorthodox, regimentally wild, fanatically balanced, reverently blasphemous, blissfully rowdy and devotedly noncommittal. Put simply, I epitomize ambiguity and diversity.” In my world, not only do I see the grey areas, I also see the entire colour spectrum complete with various shades, hues and tones. As a female, brown skinned Zimbabwean human rights activist, 3rd wave feminist, Afrocentrist, sangoma (in training) and writer I have created this blog as a platform to talk about issues I feel strongly about including the sensitive and controversial (but highly important nonetheless) like same sex marriage & Afrocentricism as well as the fun, sometimes inane or totally random like how Justin Bieber is the Anti-Christ (no, not really), all this while looking at things through a kaleidoscopic lens.