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lochnation was created as a place where I could celebrate the big amazing hole of love I fell in when I moved back to my heart and home. I fell in love with the creative industries we had in Africa from music , entertainment to fashion and i just HAD to show everyone. The awakening of this big dormant part of me became my (re)creation. lochnation ,loch standing for my name lorraine charlotte, is the world I have created to show my own people and the other world how beautiful, creative, talented our people are. Most importantly to show how much doper we can be and I just want everyone to be excited about it as i was and still am.  So apart from updates on my favorite Zimbabwean artists, movers and shakers there will be personal blurbs and snaps of my own life and other things i find funny, insightful, fascinating from everywhere else in the world! Ive been incredibly blessed to have been embraced  by this world through my friends and my radio family and lochnation is also a collection of memories of my journey through it. In this world of dreams, passions, art, shenanigans, love and life…