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I'm the animator behind a little series show called Salad Chick, I started this blog to share some of my skills with the world. Feel free to visit my site:  - Read More
David Coltart, MDC Senator, has been a human rights lawyer in Zimbabwe since his return to the country in 1983. He was first elected to represent the Bulawayo South House of Assembly constituency in June 2000, and was re-elected in March 2005. In March 2008, he was elected as a Senator to represent the Khumalo Senatorial constituency in Bulawayo. Senator Coltart was sworn in as Minister of Education, Sport, Arts and Culture in February 2009.  - Read More
The Zimbabwean economy  - Read More
The FLAME (Female Literary, Arts & Music Enterprise) project was launched in October 2006 as an arts development program designed to practically promote women artists into the mainstream of the arts in Zimbabwe, by providing performance opportunities, exposure, skills workshops, networking possibilities and publicity. In 2007 FLAME established ‘Sistaz Open Mic’, a monthly event held on a Saturday afternoon, created to encourage young women to come out in the safety of daytime, and participate in the arts. The event features 29 artists and attracts over 100 audience each month, and the response has been overwhelming to date. The FLAME project has worked with hundreds of women artists of Zimbabwe since its inception, and expanded to a regional outreach in 2010 with the first-ever FLAME REGIONAL TOUR, which included 4 top women African artists – ‘Mingas’ (Mozambique), Mpumie Twala and Ndithini Mbali (South Africa) and Dudu Manhenga (Zimbabwe) touring the region and performing in Maputo, Swaziland, Johannesburg and Harare in May/June 2010 – a riveting performance and powerful stance by women artists of Africa which attracted hundreds of people  - Read More
Eddie Cross (born 1940) is a Member of Parliament for Bulawayo South, a renowned Zimbabwean economist and founder member of the mainstream Movement for Democratic Change party led by Morgan Tsvangirai. He is currently the Policy Coordinator General.His career has been mainly in Agriculture. He attended Gwebi College and then worked for government on land resettlement in the Gokwe district before attending the University of Rhodesia in Salisbury where he received an honors degree in Economics. After that he worked as an economist eventually becoming Chief Economist in the Agricultural Marketing Authority in 1976. He was opposed to white minority rule during the Rhodesian Prime Minister Ian Smith era.  - Read More
”Endexus Creations’ is all about Ethnic African Heritage fused with modern designing to give a new dimension of Aesthetic Apparels.  - Read More
Allow me to steer you into this bloody territory, where men trespass at their own risk. Red, is the colour that unites us girls. The colour we bleed, sweat, and cry. Red is Christ’s Passion which FearlesslyCriesOut in each and everyone of us. I AM a RagDoll, I AM, I am. I am. “ I AM a RagDoll” Is a declaration that I AM, Young, Black and Female. I AM a product of my circumstances good and bad.  - Read More
A soldier for the soul of humanity i am a foot-soldier in the battle against ignorance and the desecration of our cultural values. I have no border, i am a citizen of the world and my weapons are the music i trumpet. Enemies beware my logic is strong!!!!!!!!!!!!  - Read More
A Blog by Norman Nhliziyo  - Read More
The biggest Zimbabwean Stand Up Comedian in the world who is currently on a mission to go around the world to over 37 cities performing stand up comedy 35 of those cities are in Zimbabwe.  - Read More
I am a Zimbabwean journalist living in London. In Harare I worked for the Financial Gazette, the country's oldest business independent weekly. In 2002 I moved to the Sunday Mirror which i edited between November 2003 up until I left the country in September 2004. I have written articles for the World Health Organisation Bulletin, the South African Sunday Times and Farmers Weekly magazine, as well as London-based I am also a keen supporter of the new online Zimbabwean media established by fellow Zimbabwean journalists living in the Diaspora and regularly contribute articles to  - Read More
This blog seeks to explore the divine truths from God's Word. It aims to assist individuals to discover who they are in Christ as they locate themselves in the Word of God. Chosen & Royal was founded in 2009. It started off as a facebook group and later evolved to this blog. I pray that you will be encouraged and inspired as you read the posts.  - Read More
Men's Urban Fashion insight. How to keep your swag in check and have your A-game on  - Read More
A blog that looks at personal development techniques, focusing on success and delivered in a concise, effective and action-based post every Monday @ 0900 CAT.  - Read More
Conrad Mwanawashe is an Online journalist and trainer.  - Read More
Hi there, and welcome to Zimbabwe’s very first consumer complaints blog. I say very first as I’ve seen no evidence of anything close, and I have looked. Boy, have I looked. Often I have found myself with a problem, frustrated by a lack of response from the powers that be. I actually planned this blog three years ago, but a combination of factors conspired to make it a pipe dream until now. I wanted to create a space in the ilk of The Consumerist, a place where the voice of the customer is heard, not just in some Call Center echo chamber but out here, out loud, where everyone can judge a company’s services not just on their advertising, but on results.  - Read More
A resource for diffusing abbreviated information, quotes, links and ideas that I find riveting. For a detailed discussion of finance and social trends visit my structured Weblog at:  - Read More
The motivation behind our blog is basically to give good ideas a platform to be showcased. The only difference between our blog and other blogs is that information is not one directional creative loop values input from our audience, so if you have any creative that you think is worthy of being showcased here you can send us a hint . We offer unique content that is relevant to Zimbabweans and can also be appreciated by anyone who appreciates creativity.  - Read More
Proudly Zimbabwean blog on design, art, multimedia & other creative things  - Read More
The Acoustic Night started with the initiative of Tariro Ruzvidzo from Wildfire Events who brought together a few artists to an event coined the Acoustic Night which was first held at Micasa on the 14th of May 2010. The artists that took place at this event were Prayersoul, Aura, Elle and Tariro. Herman Chimusoro from Crossline Music sponsored the lighting and the PA system was sponsored by Dynamic Sound.  - Read More