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My name is Alex Henderson and I am a student of History & War Studies at King’s College London, University of London.  Born in Zimbabwe and completing my high school in South Africa, I have an inherent interest in the history of Africa and how this effects the current situation of the continent.  - Read More
Arthur Guseni Oliver Mutambara (born 25 May 1966[1]) is a Zimbabwean politician. He became the President of the Movement for Democratic Change-Mutambara faction (MDC) in February 2006.[2] He has worked as the Managing Director and CEO of Africa Technology and Business Institute since September 2003.[1] Under a September 2008 power-sharing agreement, Mutambara became Deputy Prime Minister on 11 February 2009.  - Read More
Welcome to Bars 263. This is a home for Zimbabwean Hip Hop music where we share news and the latest 411 on artists, groups and shows. Don’t get anything twisted, we are not in any way associated with alcohol distribution!  - Read More
Batsirai E Chigama is a name largely associated with spoken word is Zimbabwe. Her work is featured in nine poetry anthologies in USA, England and New Zealand & Zimbabwe.  Batsirai has travelled to participate in a number of festivals in the region: Arts Alive (SA), SADC Poetry Festival (Botswana), Blantyre Arts Festival(Mal), Tambo Tambulani Tambo(Moz) and a host of other local festivals.  A published short story writer, Batsirai dedicates some of her time to write on the arts  and culture in Zimbabwe for the local website .  She says she would like to lend her voice to the women whose voices have been silenced the world over.  - Read More
I am the last born in a family of four. My father is South African and went into exile during the 70’s and ended up in Zambia where he met and married my mother, an intelligent and beautiful Kaonde woman from the village of Solwezi. After Zimbabwe’s independence in 1980 the couple left Zambia with their 3 children and decided to settle in Harare, where I was born in 1983. However shortly after Mandela was released in 1991 my parents broke up and we moved with ym dad back to South Africa. My mother passed away in 1995 and since then my life has been filled with one seemingly insurmountable challenge after another. After my her passing in Zimbabwe, I stayed in the Harare Children’s Home for two years. The last place I ever imagined I would be in was in an orphanage… and now there I was…….staying at a state run children’s home.  - Read More
A mother of two sons,a wife to a very supportive hubby,very particular about how things are done,love to love and be loved  - Read More
I am a young Zimbabwean  who is passionate about design in all its manifestations. As pixel pusher (Branding Officer) for C MEDIA in Harare, Zimbabwe, l love african art@ The name “Bloggo” is a nickname l got from my mentor and has had a deeper  meaning and significance than l thought. It’s my hope that as l move through my world…you will move with me….blogging on the go, sharing ideas and experiences, creating a better world than the one we were born in to! If you find something on this blog that inspires you…please leave a comment. If you find something that you don’t like….also leave a comment. I value your feedback no matter what it is!  - Read More
Ramblings of a Zimbabwean Princess living in Switzerland...  - Read More
Founder of the Business Setup Group (BizSetup Group). An organization dedicated to helping entrepreneurs start-up and grow businesses the smart way. A top marketing, growth and business start-up expert , he’s worked with more than 200 businesses in 35 different industries  - Read More
This is a platform intended to share information from a journalistic point of view,its all about networking and sharing ideas.  - Read More
An amplifier is a device that is used to increase sound.It is applied when the sound is meant to travel a further distance.As a student journalist i write stories about politics,art,music,comic strips or even anything that is news-worthy and i put it on the internet and in this case i am referring to the internet as the amplifier that makes other people in other countries get to be informed on the events that transpire in Zimbabwe..   - Read More
AfriPOP! is the ultimate online destination for the latest new trends in African music, African fashion, and film. Whether spotlighting emerging talent or the latest in art, politics and commerce, AfriPOP! delivers fresh content specifically geared to sophisticated Afropolitans all over the globe. We speak to an audience who grew up with African values but aren’t afraid to think of themselves as global citizens. AfriPOP! is the go-to-insider guide for engaging commentary on what young Africans (on the continent and elsewhere) are talking about.  Oh and we’re on twitter too. Mess with us on  - Read More
The world through my eyes. I love to write, mainly for my own enjoyment, but hope that in sharing my thoughts, feelings and opinions, i get the chance to interact with interesting people. :o)  - Read More was conceived as an online platform to blog, discuss and vent my frustrations on the Political, Social and Economic situation in my country Zimbabwe, to highlight how one organisation and its leader have taken a beautiful and thriving Southern African Nation and turned it into a political circus while holding the nation at ransom. Once the “Bread Basket” of Africa now the “Basket Case” of Africa. As a proud Zimbabwean myself this is a matter that is close to my heart and would like to bring my fellow people together in coming up with solutions on how to end this. I am no Politician therefore this blog is about dialogue and conversation,  all your comments are welcomed no matter how tangible or critical they might be, this is your chance to be heard.  - Read More