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The Longest Freestyle - Zimbabwe
mUnetsi - MC | 11 January 2014 |
The longest freestyle by a Zimbabwean rapper  - Read More
Whats Beef?
Begotten Sun - Rapper | 10 January 2014 |
Most Zimbabwean hip-hop is American cloned music made to sound vernacular  - Read More
Beef in Zimbabwe Hip Hop?
mUnetsi - MC | 31 October 2013 |
In my experiences sometimes beef is fanned by folk who have nothing to do with the music  - Read More
Zimbabwean hip hop
Synik - Rapper | 23 June 2013 |
Zimbabwean hiphop has traditionally been a scene with very talented artists with little to show for the time and dedication they put in  - Read More
Time to harvest the low-hanging fruit in Zimbabwe
Henry Makiwa - Journalist | 23 June 2013 |
There is excitement in the air, and enough proof to back the premise of growth in the Zimbabwean industry.   - Read More
Akala taks about hip hop in Africa
A discourse on Hip Hop in Africa
Akala Music - Musician | 19 May 2013 |
The way hip hop was born in the Bronx is a mix of a very long tradition of Latino and African American poetry  - Read More
Akala speaks about evolution of the rhythmic speech
Evolution of the rhythmic speech of Rap
Akala Music - Musician | 19 May 2013 |
The Jamaican accent really lends itself so easily to rap  - Read More
Beware of taking the historical context out of hip hop
Akala Music - Musician | 19 May 2013 |
What we've got to be very careful as hip hop artists is that we don’t allow rap to held as a scapegoat by society  - Read More
Hired Gun speaks at the Shoko Festival Press Conference
Hired Gun speaks on the Violence in Music at Shoko Festival
Hired Gun - Rapper | 19 May 2013 |
You're listening to the songs they are explaining police brutality  - Read More
Upmost and Outspoken at the Shoko Hip Hop concert
Shoko hip hop concert
POVO Correspondent - Editorial | 19 May 2013 |
Shoko Hip Hop concert  - Read More