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Watsamba M’Diou at HIFA
Watsamba M’Diou at HIFA
Marcia Nonkululeko Tladi - Writer | 06 April 2013 |
We got a chance to make history in Africa performing at HIFA. We invited other musicians that I played with on other projects in Mozambique   - Read More
Mafriq and Extra Large in South Africa
Mafriq and Xtra Large in South Africa
Robert Machiri - Grapic Designer | 06 April 2013 |
Mafriq and Xtra Large are two of the groups that performed at the ZimboSA concert held late last year in Johannesburg  - Read More
AuraThePoet at Shoko festival
Slamming with Aura
Aura ThePoet - Poet | 06 April 2013 |
When I went to college it just seemed natural to study acting, so I took on live performance as my degree which is how the whole film school thing cam  - Read More
Edith weUtonga
The genesis of Edith WeUtonga!
Marcia Nonkululeko Tladi - Writer | 06 April 2013 |
A female bass player, a band leader at that, is harder to come by than a female Mbira player was in the times of Stella Chiweshe.  - Read More
Candid dialogue between Metaphysics and Carlprit.
A dialogue between Metaphysics and Carlprit
Walter Murray - Designer | 06 April 2013 |
Candid dialogue between Metaphysics and Carlprit.   - Read More
Elsa Q
The rise of Elsa Q
Tafadzwa Tarumbwa - Illustrator | 06 April 2013 |
Kamluve music originates from two creative people who are gifted in music and art  - Read More
Nqobizitha Mlilo at HIFA
Nqobizitha Mlilo - Music is in my blood
Nqobizitha Mlilo - Animator | 06 April 2013 |
It all started off in Bulawayo when a friend with free beats let me rap over some tracks from which I produced the 5 song mixture compilation Control   - Read More
Black Bird at HIFA, Zimbabwe
Zimbabwean Hip-Hop under Attack!
Black Bird - Musician | 05 April 2013 |
It's just a pity Zimbabwe promoters believe more in these backtrack Americans than in this country’s wealth of real rappers.  - Read More
Kudzai Sevenzo and Edith WeUtonga collaborate for the Woman of Note concert
Woman of Note
Elton Mjanana - Writer | 05 April 2013 |
The Inaugaral W.O.N! Concert featuring Edith WeUtonga and Kudzai Sevenzo is a rare collaboration by these two leading local female artists for a good.  - Read More
Outspoken at HIFA, Zimbabwe
Outspoken, the humble neophyte
Outspoken - Musician/Activist | 04 April 2013 |
I think that’s what the Zimbabwean audience appreciates in live bands, that each instrument has a character of the person that is playing it.  - Read More