Painful Love / Cries of loneliness

Even surrounded by life
Loneliness gropes at my throat
I can't breathe because of the heavy emotion that seats very audibly
at the pit of my chest
I'm barely hanging on for my own life
The syndrome that causes a manufacture of sad thoughts
Unhapiness dancing at the tip of my throat,
Manifesting itself in the depths of my opticals
Leaving evidence flowing carelessly on the rough surface of my cheeks.
What is this? This desire for the one I love?
Who put it there in the core of my being
Who grafted it into the life of my skin,

Child Within

I have seen the world begin
by women speaking
their child within:
I can do this, I can do that
I want this, I want that
I am this, I am that
I know this, I know that

But somehow on the way
our courage betrays
us, when coming of age
too early, too fast
the birth of our rage
will explode, be a blast


Jilted, Wilted

What have I done wrong in this here life?
Jilted, tilted, wilted before my time
Dumped, dragged with shame in flames

No call; no scream; just in waiting and equating…
To laugh and cry in isolation
Punishment of the highest order
Imprisoned with no crime
Guilty?… before the jury decides
I’m innocent!!

I am motherhood

I am motherhood

I am the earth that holds life
The grains of sand from which the songs of laughter waft
Rivers of life run through me to cultivate the love taught by the layers beneath me
For they too once were me and I now am them
I am the seed they protected and so I protect
I the support of many
The ground on which they build their dreams
And feed their minds
And grow in life

Dear Husband

It’s me, your woman
Hello, my husband (with a smile)
I love you from within,
All I have for you is “true love”,
And all I need from you is also “true love”.

I leave my parents, just for you.
You leave yours also for me,
It is all because of “true love”.
So, can we maintain that aspect of “true love” my husband.

#HIFA2014 - HIVOS Poetry Cafe

Tendekai Madzitatiguru Tati
Chirikure Chirikure
Erik Lindner
Erik Lindner with Biko "Godobori" Mutsaurwa
Shoes Lambabda
Andrew Manyika

The Hivos Poetry cafe hosts poets each day from Zimbabwe and guest poets from other countries. This year poets preset were Tendekai Madzitatiguru Tati, Erik Lindner (Netherlands),Kgafela Magogodi (South Africa)

Fadzai Jaravaza, Afric McGlinchey (Ireland), Ashton Nyahora, Shoes Lambada, Andrew Manyika, Chirikure Chirikure, UMNCANTSHA, Mandisa Mabuthoe (Botswana), Marshal Sango, Biko 'Godobori' Mutsaurwa and House of Stone

Whom do I seek to please?

Whom do I seek to please, for whom do I live?
Am I for the one that makes me breathe
Or I serve the one that makes me grieve?
Have I forsaken my chosen path,
Do I follow the road to wrath?
Is this an ignorance of the mind?
Is my spirit willing to fight?
To what am I exposing my soul to?
Is it venomous what I let my ears listen to?
How else can I explain the filth surging through the flimsiness of my brain?

Scandals of a Priest

Today you are going to change  your cheque into cash
But first you take your crippled relative out with the trash
Shame on you Mr Preacher man
The first one in this bank stretching your receiving hand
Go and have a blast with the paper
Blow it like a sax
But when God is president
You will be the first to be taxed



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