Bete Size 10


Mapete makobvu
Mapete matete
Mapete mapenyu
Mapete avete

Mapete pakati peCarpet
Mapete mukati me Cup yeTea

Mapete muCupboard
Bete paTable
Mapete mupoto yemaVegetable

Mapete iTrouble
Mapete MaRebel
Kupinda muBachi rema Honorable

Kagumbo musadza  ,  Kabapiro mundiro
Tunhoko muDrawer rinogara ndiro

Pamadziro maSpider ndiwo maSuper hero
AnoTrapper mapete  asi Work Done  Equals Zero

Because mapete iHobho , iGozha, iPlenty
Ishura  saBhoki anotsenga maDandy

Paradox to a Child

Batsirai Chigama

There is something about
Harare in spring that reminds me
Of my mother
Harare in spring is...Bellisma
She is fresh and regal
The smile of her Jacaranda bloom
Flirts with hope and new beginnings   
Carrying the scent of promise
She tells yesterday’s barrenness
To take flight
At quarter past October
She wears the scarlet lipstick of flamboyance
Bold, daring
Enticing to the sojourners,
She wraps them in her charm
sends them home enthralled
Yet to me her resident
She shuts her door right in my face


Are you Watching me?


So many people come to me and admire how successful I seem. To them I have it all figured out but do I? They ask if I have done it before, is it inborn, or was I trained. How come I do it so well. So I asked the question. Are you watching me thinking that I know what I am doing, do you feel as though I have it all figured? So I came up with a conversation, some people call it a poem:


Lest we forget

Nyaradzo Dhliwayo
Nyaradzo Dhliwayo
Nyaradzo Dhliwayo
Nyaradzo Dhliwayo
Nyaradzo Dhliwayo

Lest we forget, lest we ever forget,
That within us soldiers lay,
Lest we ever have the propensity to forget so easily our history
That wars were waged on this land to secure a better destiny for us.
Lest we ever forget that we are Lucky like Dube
To have the liberty not to worship human kind and be slaves in our own land, 
Lest we cloud our eyes, not to see the dance of liberty
John Mauluka captured with his lens, and chain ourselves with mediocre prophecies
Lest we ever forget because some media field has fractionally tried

What’s in a Name?

You don’t define me
You can’t stall me
You don’t decide my worth
You can’t condemn me
You don’t confine me
You can’t try me
You don’t faze me
You can’t break me
You don’t frustrate me
You can’t impoverish me
You don’t school me
You can’t silence me
You don’t fool me
You can’t deny me

I’m Beauty
I’m Progress
I’m Precious
I’m Innocent
I’m Freedom
I’m Hope
I’m Patience
I’m Perseverance
I’m Faith
I’m Fortune
I’m Wisdom
I’m Outspoken
I’m Cynic
I’m Truth.

Zimbabwe’s Hubs of Innovation

The last few months in Zimbabwe has seen the launch of two Tech Hubs, namely Hypercube and Muzinda Umuzi. To be pedantic Muzinda Umuzi is not a tech hub per se but maybe more of an entrepreneurship hub as it supports any business idea that shows potential rather than those purely in the tech space. Hubs are the latest tech fashion statement. Every African country has one. For example, Kenya has iHub (and others mind you), CCHub in Nigeria, Hivecolab in Uganda and BongoHive in Zambia.

The Math Poem

We live in a world where people pass mathematics but fail life
Ungodly life formulas got the people faithless
Able to calculate square roots
But failing to understand that Jesus is the root of life.

This irony of what people can and cannot calculate
Led me to think that'
Lucifer must have got chased out of heaven cos he failed mathematics
I mean look at it from this perspective

O, Zimbabwe!

Let Zimbabwe be Zimbabwe again
Let her flame-lilies come to full bloom
And sway in the sun

O, how Zimbabwe staggers, like an unrepentant drunk! How her face is stained from douches gone awry!

All her people pant and sigh; with their souls twisted inward for all they know is bitterness.
Their dreams have been reduced to seeking bread with tears on their cheeks; there is none to comfort them from their toil.



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