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Evelyn Roe
Modern Indigeny
Evelyn Roe - Ethnobotanist / Writer | 22 November 2014 |
What brought you to Afrika? That’s a question I’m often asked by visitors from overseas  - Read More
Nyasha Mupaso - Growing Mushrooms in Zimbabwe
Growing Mushrooms
Nyasha Mupaso - Microbiologist | 22 November 2014 |
Anyone can grow mushrooms anywhere all year round thus it’s a great business compared to some seasonal crops  - Read More
Need for Change of the Zimbabwean Mind-set
Raymond Muwaniri - Social Development | 22 November 2014 |
One should pick a profession not from pressure from parents or what everyone else is doing, but because of passion for what you want to do  - Read More
Thomas “Tom” Lugo, lead singer of German band Jamaram
The Dreary, the Draconian & the Dues
Elton Mjanana - Writer | 22 November 2014 |
All these dreams and possibilities were pushed by the assumption that art, being intellectual paid well  - Read More
Zviri kumbofamba sei - Full transcript
Rumbidzai Dube - Lawyer | 22 November 2014 |
In Parliament, you really wonder what they will be discussing  - Read More
Is Satire the New Protest? - Zviri kumbofamba sei?
Rumbidzai Dube - Lawyer | 22 November 2014 |
with so much hidden meaning that those who block our protests on the streets become ignorant participants in spreading the word of our protest  - Read More
Bringing Down the Walls
Marcia Nonkululeko Tladi - Writer | 22 November 2014 |
What have walls done for us lately?  - Read More
Shake the World
Phindile Dhlamini - Social Activist | 22 November 2014 |
I always attempt to provide tangible support and solutions that allow people to stop looking at their discouraging reality  - Read More
With You, POVO turns 10!
Masimba Biriwashe - Writer | 21 November 2014 |
As always, and hopefully for a long time going forward, we hope you enjoy the POVO journal  - Read More
Contracting Wombs
Wanjiku wa Ngugi - Author | 21 November 2014 |
Why we need our governments to be more vigilant  - Read More