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Comrade Fatso  at the Shoko Press conference
Comrade Fatso introduces Shoko Festival
Comrade Fatso - Activist | 19 May 2013 |
Its not just being about poetry and not just about hip hop but about all facets of urban culture that are progressive  - Read More
Comrade Fatso, Akala, Hired Gun and Outspoken, the panelists a at the Shoko Festival Press Conference
Shoko press Conference
POVO Correspondent - Editorial | 19 May 2013 |
History of Hip Hop at the Shoko Press Conference  - Read More
Natalia Molebatsi, prominant poet/writer from Johannesburg
Who's Who at HIFA 2013
POVO Correspondent - Editorial | 16 May 2013 |
Portraits of who's who at HIFA 2013  - Read More
Bin made from recycled cans
Environment Africa at HIFA
POVO Correspondent - Editorial | 16 May 2013 |
Environemnt 2000 at HIFA   - Read More
Guitar workshop
Prayersoul's guitar workshop at HIFA
POVO Correspondent - Editorial | 16 May 2013 |
Each year there are different workshops which are free to attend.  - Read More
Rudo Nyangulu founder of Choclate Princess, Canon
Photographers at HIFA
POVO Correspondent - Editorial | 15 May 2013 |
Cameras at HIFA grow but the content online leaves a lot to be desired  - Read More
Kids play with the giant puppets at the Telecel mainstage
Around and About HIFA 2013
POVO Correspondent - Editorial | 15 May 2013 |
Around and about the HIFA precinct  - Read More
Simba the lion at HIFA
Simba at the Youth Zone
POVO Correspondent - Editorial | 15 May 2013 |
The Simba Youth Zone was a structured slightly different  - Read More
21 Crazy Myths from Zimbabwe
POVO Correspondent - Editorial | 29 April 2013 |
The reason for most of these myths was to teach and warn against certain practices which may have been detrimental especially to children or were just  - Read More
Clowns on stilts were very popular
Fashion at the Global Quarter Stage
POVO Correspondent - Editorial | 27 April 2013 |
Fashion show at the Global Quarter stage  - Read More