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Culturally Appropriate or Tackling Culture? HIV/AIDS Education in Zimbabwe
Stephanie Schlipper - Researcher | 02 October 2015 |
HIV and AIDS education is more likely to resonate with the recipient audience if the content   - Read More
Stranger in Berlin
Kudzai Magoche - Architect | 02 October 2015 |
It’s hard to tell now, which memories of Harare emigrated with me, and which were later arrivals.  - Read More
Honai! - Photography exhibition by Nancy Mteki
Nancy Mteki - Photographer | 02 October 2015 |
Nancy Mteki is a visual artist, specialising in photography - takes us through her latest series titled Honai.  - Read More
Afrikan Youth: Resource or Disaster?
Elphas Were - Founder of Kenyet | 02 October 2015 |
The focus on youth in the development agenda is proving colossal to the government   - Read More
Zimbabwe Must Legalise Abortion
Anesu Chigariro - Digital Strategist | 02 October 2015 |
As a question of legality and justice there is no reason for a woman to be denied the right to a safe abortion  - Read More
Women rights infringement continues to stall
Doreen Anyijukire - Accountant | 02 October 2015 |
During these years my music compositions matured as I took up the acoustic guitar and learnt the basics.  - Read More
Kuchava riniko...?
Tinashe Muchuri - Actor | 02 October 2015 |
Nguva zhinji ndinozvibvunza kuti, “Kuchava rini kuti uvaranomwe hweShona huwane kusununguka”  - Read More
Kuchava riniko...?
Tinashe Muchuri - Actor | 02 October 2015 |
Nguva zhinji ndinozvibvunza kuti, “Kuchava rini kuti uvaranomwe hweShona huwane kusununguka”  - Read More
Hey Zimbos, why so serious?
Shaun Matsheza - Communication Professional | 02 October 2015 |
Zimbabweans have a very specific script of how a ‘grown up’ acts, and any deviation from that is likely to draw a lot of disapproving stares.  - Read More
Cyberbullying - The reinvention of an existing Predicament
Zororo Mubaya - Audio Specialist | 02 October 2015 |
Bullying was once perceived as only physical or verbal, culminating in injury or death.  - Read More
Xenophobia - The after thoughts
Ryan Chokureva - Graphic Designer | 02 October 2015 |
Lack of vision replaces failing systems and flawed recipes with foreigners.  - Read More
Showcase - Women's Edition 2015 (Issue 06)
POVO Correspondent - Editorial | 09 May 2015 |
A collection of all the showcased work in the Wome's issue  - Read More
Combating dyslexia  in Kenya
Combating dyslexia in Kenya
Nancy Munyi - Special Education Teacher | 09 May 2015 |
my son is not stupid but he is a different learner. I discovered that even his teachers knew anything about the condition  - Read More
Coping with widowhood
Peggy Goredema - Mother | 09 May 2015 |
A writer once said losing a loved one is the most intensely painful experience any human being can suffer  - Read More
Elizabeth Muchemwa at a Peace in Hood workshop
The Language of Our Story
Elizabeth Muchemwa - Poet / Writer / Theatre Director | 09 May 2015 |
The evening story times with my grandmother had shaped me.  - Read More
My journey to the Motherland - Reality - Part 2
Veronica Makunike - Child Care Supervisor | 09 May 2015 |
There were a couple of cultural differences I had witnessed in my time in Zimbabwe which I embraced and enjoyed. I take my hat off to the women of Zim  - Read More
 Craggaunowen houses, Ireland
My journey to the Motherland - Perception - Part 1
Veronica Makunike - Child Care Supervisor | 09 May 2015 |
From two very different backgrounds we had an instant connection. We shared the same quirky humour and he was so open.  - Read More
Adapting to Change
Lynett Manikai - Psychologist | 09 May 2015 |
Everyone around me seemed to have it all together. They were not affected by the darkness when there was no power and of course they had their jobs  - Read More
The Interview
Sista Zai - Storyteller and Thought Leader | 08 May 2015 |
I turned on the voice recorder and set the recording volume to an appropriate level.   - Read More
HIV/AIDS, How the Elephant in the room disappeared
Joana Ruth Chinyoka - Social Resercher | 08 May 2015 |
An exploration of how HIV/AIDS has moved from being a death sentence to an acceptance through empowerment and development.  - Read More