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The Exoticisation and Otherisation of the Afrikan by the Afrikan
Doreen Gaura - Writer/Blogger | 01 November 2014 |
Exotic is a Euro-centric word that aims for everything to be viewed through Euro-centric lens  - Read More
Jenipher’s Story
Rumbi Katedza - Film Director | 01 November 2014 |
One woman’s harrowing journey of survival at all odds  - Read More
Rutendo Mutsamwira
The Power of Social Media
Rutendo Mutsamwira - Artist | 01 November 2014 |
The 4 Afrika Initiative - Technology can accelerate growth for Africa, and Africa can accelerate technology for the world  - Read More
House of Bantu
Tadiwa Martin - Designer | 01 November 2014 |
I love being able to tell stories through fashion and art  - Read More
Attention to the Subtext of our Designs
Ruvimbo Moyo - Architect | 01 November 2014 |
Amidst these grand commercial designs, the social housing sphere has remained stagnant and in crisis, still carrying the legacy of pre-independence  - Read More
The cradle of Mankind - African youth and the future
Archibald Mathibela - PR Consultant | 25 May 2014 |
Africa has mostly been active as a consumer of everything the world produces with its own raw materials stripped right from under its bowels with no m  - Read More
Transforming The Colonial Legacy Through Art
Dr. Tony Monda - Art Critic | 12 January 2014 |
Raising awareness of the socio-cultural dynamics of african art on the international art circuits  - Read More
Zimbabwe’s Hubs of Innovation
Brian Gondo - IT Consultant | 12 January 2014 |
Hubs are the latest tech fashion statement. Every African country has one  - Read More
POVO Annual Report 2013
POVO Correspondent - Editorial | 10 January 2014 |
2013 was a quiet year for POVO with no partnerships.  - Read More
Future of Traditional Leaders in Zimbabwe
Raymond Muwaniri - Social Development | 10 January 2014 |
The main responsibility of a Sabhuku include; maintenance of the traditions and culture of the Zimbabwean people, wellbeing of the villagers  - Read More
Keeping the faith
Edith We Utonga - Musician | 10 January 2014 |
You must thank God your son had that urinary tract infection when he did...it saved his life  - Read More
Inspired by the San to create natural pigments
Calvin Chimutuwah - Fine Artist | 07 October 2013 |
I was inspired by the San and how they would use different pigments to paint their lifestyle on walls  - Read More
Zimbabwean Creating Pigments For Painting
Calvin Chimutuwah - Fine Artist | 07 October 2013 |
Working on organic and minerals to produce pigments  - Read More
Zubz  on stage at HIFA 21012
The assassination of hip hop
Ryan Chokureva - Graphic Designer | 23 June 2013 |
Africa needs to be very careful what we adapt, what we encourage and promote  - Read More
Towards an active citizenry…real change begins with each one of us
Pfungwa Nyamukachi - Writer | 23 June 2013 |
An active citizenry whose responsibility extends beyond personal gain and aspire more towards collective benefit  - Read More
Guilty Until I Prove Myself Innocent
Ryan Chokureva - Graphic Designer | 21 May 2013 |
A man feeds his children from the labour that kills another man, a bullet kills irregardless of its shape of form  - Read More
Zimbabwe in Cultural Transition
Masimba Hwati - Fine Artist | 21 May 2013 |
The history of Zimbabwean visual culture is a complex journey from ancestral the acres to modern day and futuristic times  - Read More
The energy of objects illustrated in Shona Rituals
Masimba Hwati - Fine Artist | 21 May 2013 |
The objects distributed at this ritual become sacred and of great value  - Read More
Innate, Implied and Imparted Energy
Masimba Hwati - Fine Artist | 21 May 2013 |
A unanimous type of value ascribed to objects because of their association with certain people  - Read More
A Thousand Icons on a cultural desktop
Masimba Hwati - Fine Artist | 21 May 2013 |
The Principle of “found energy” is the one on which the Zimbabwean  movement of the art of found objects is based  - Read More