A dialogue between Metaphysics and Carlprit

Music | By Walter Murray, Designer | 06 April 2013

We take a snippet from a dialogue between one of the pioneers of Hip hop in Zimbabwe's Metaphysics as he talks to his younger brother Carlprit in a candid freestyle skit.

Africa is where Hip Hop originated from! 

Metaphysics and Carlprit dialogue about the origination of Hip Hop.

Proud to Be a Zimbabwean

Metaphysics states how he is proud to be a Zimbabwean and they discuss Zimbabwe rappers.

I really need my African Medallion!

Metaphysics still can't find his African Medallion!

The Gandanga Office

Candid dialogue between Metaphysics and Carlprit on how the Gandanga office is too busy to stock African Medallions!

Bob Marley in Zimbabwe

Metaphysics and Carlprit discuss of Bob Marley’s influence on Zimbabwean hip hop and dancehall on his visit to the country.

Check out the new website povo.co.zw

Dialogue between Metaphysics and Carlprit discussing about their upcoming interview for POVO by Walter Murray

Hogi Boos or Hugo Boss?

Metaphysics and Carlprit, and Metaphysics freshen up with some Hogi Boos. Or is it Hugo Boss?! 


Thanks to Walter Murray for facilitating this dialogue for POVO.