Influence of Technology in the arts

Music | By Aura ThePoet, Poet | 22 February 2014

Tafadzwa Tarumbwa takes a few minutes to talk to Aura Tha Poet

Who is Aura
Aura: I am a poet, voice over artist, a DJ and a mom

How has technology influenced, the inertnet, computers etc in your industry being a voice over artist,
Aura: It has enhanced everything, taken it to a new level. Before I was just focussed on stage and performing but with technology its opened up a doorway to recording, using music, experimenting more I think it has opened up a new dimension to poetry and art in general.

As a mother can a child get into the arts and sustain themselves
Aura: I think its less about what she does but how she does it. If she decides to be an artist then thats excellent, thats fine, its something i can relate to and I can support, if she decides to be a sports person, not as easy to relate to but I will still support her. Its all about your business mind. As long as your business foundation is set. As in the arts there is no reason to try and stop them from getting into the arts because hamuna mari. Its all about the systems you have in place to make money out your art form.

In every art form there is always the business side of it besides the stigma that art and business don’t mix
Aura: Its definitely a tougher thing to make money out of but how else are the greatest artists in the world making money off their art its just how you think not what you do or how you do it.

As an artist who has been on stage do you ever miss the essence of a crowd when you are working behind the scenes on radio or doing voice overs. Do you ever feel the absence of the crowd
Aura: I am definitely more comfortable on stage. On stage you have instant and direct feedback. You have peoples faces, you can gauge peoples reactions, am I on the right path. My beginning and transition to video I did not like it as much. I really enjoy stage and I enjoy interacting with the people, I enjoy the direct feedback and feed off the energy. You do lose a bit of the essence, it actually takes practice, I think I just haven’t put in my ten thousand hours. I put in a lot of hours being on stage but I still need to put in my ten thousand hours being in front of the camera.