My journey as a Graphic Artist

Art & Design | By David Zinyama, Digital Artist | 22 November 2014
PHOTO: © David Zinyama

Photo manipulation, a skill that I know best, the application of image editing techniques using Photoshop in order to create an illusion or deception from a raw photograph. A mere enhancement or correction otherwise known as photo retouching. In my case having taught myself graphic design primarily, I wanted to use my own stock images within my work by taking photographs. By bringing the two, photographs and graphic design I was able to create something, mainly with experience executing concepts. I did not intend to become a photographer and designer for living, It is not that I wanted to create for a living, I had different dreams before all this but if I was to tell you my story, I came from a music background, I used to write and perform songs and had to design my own digital artwork covers to accompany my songs which included MySpace layout designs, flyers, posters, logos, etc.

My peers could see that I was capable of doing this for myself so they wanted me to do their artwork as well so I started charging them a small fee. The more I did this, the better I got; to a point when I realized I was designing more than I was making music but at the same time I was making money off it as if it was a part time job but at the same time it was before my college years. So I made the decision to drop music and concentrate on graphics and I can say from then it was just all word of mouth and recommendations that have taken me this far along with working with small, medium and large businesses and organizations around the world, as well as some major names such as NHS, MOBO AWARDS, Metropolitan Police, etc.