Whats Beef?

Music | By Begotten Sun, Rapper | 10 January 2014

What is the main motivation of beef in Zimbabwe?

Nil. There is no real beef at all.


Does beef play a role in Hip-hop, is it a necessary stage of the development of the movement?

Nah! By definition being competitive isn’t “Beef”.


What’s the difference between beef (Dissing someone on a song which he responds to with his own) and a one on one freestyle battle?

Beef is calling my wife a b***h and kids bastards. Some personal s**t that can cause blood to spill. Battling is word play. Kusvotesana etc. Like war cries during a football match. It’s all fun and games.


In this ongoing debate about Hip - hop in Zimbabwe, what is unique about Zimbabwe Hip Hop that we can call our own, since rappers are being accused of just copying American lifestyles and narratives, just changing names, dates and language?

Most Zimbabwean hip-hop is American cloned music made to sound vernacular. Its bulls***t! I represent a generation that is currently reinventing Zimbabwean music through the use of Zimbabwean instruments, live sounds, percussions, poly rhythms etc. Ninety- nine percent of the other Zimbabwean producers are still trying to get their best Rick Ross beat impression.  Shout out to the others who are trying but still haven’t reached my professional level.


In American Hip-hop it can be argued that the whole beef issue was a commercial gimmick, with rappers later making up and recording together. What is your take on the commercialisation of beef?

It’s cool. The perceived beef between the North and South has been good for debate and picking sides. But play Happy or Party Yatanga anywhere and you get a positive response from the audience.


Some really cool songs have come out from beef, with some of our favourites being 2nd Round Knock Out by Canibus and the verse that started it by LL Cool J on 4-3-2-1, and King of the Hill by West Side Connection. Which rap beef stands out for you?

Ether and Takeover. Nas was name calling, and the streets gave him the win. Jay Z told the truth and in my eyes won the “war”. 


What would make you draw the line and say “No, i gotta dedicate a song/verse in response?”


Anything, mention my name and I will get at you. This is fun sport for me, I love it!