Zimbabwean hip hop

Music | By Synik , Rapper | 23 June 2013
PHOTO: © Khumbulani Mpofu

Zimbabwean hiphop has traditionally been a scene with very talented artists with little to show for the time and dedication they put in. It has birthed such names as Metaphysics, Kingpinn, Munetsi and other artists who have left an indelible mark. It incorporates all the different varieties of hiphop from the hardcore underground, politically conscious, social commentary rap music to the more krunk and ‘commercial’ type. The one thing about the hiphop scene in Zimbabwe is that its clear that no matter the type of rap you do, if you're in it, then you're in it for the love. The potential for growth in the movement is immense with hiphop garnering more and more recognition and respect. This year has seen the 2nd Shoko festival in Zimbabwe which showcased some of the hiphop acts in the country. We are drawing closer to the 2nd Zimbabwean Hiphop awards, an initiative meant to reward hiphop artists who are working hard and  helping to build the industry. Its great to see hiphop getting more appreciation and artists pulling together to further the movement. I was really thankful to see the positive responses and great reviews that Syn City has received so far. Its very motivating when your work is appreciated and I think its an inspiration to other artists as well.