Reimagining our national identities and imagery

Every society is shaped by visual history and culture. The self perception and esteem of African societies has been shaped by Colonial historical and contemporary images that are constantly being portrayed and projected at them either by design or by default. It has been argued that Africa has a deficiency of heroes .There is a dearth of knowledge of heroic and Iconic figures in pan African cultures and if this knowledge exists at all, it is shaped and narrated by outsiders.

Zimbabwe in Cultural Transition

The history of Zimbabwean visual culture is a complex journey from ancestral the acres to morden day and futuristic times. This history is punctuated by dramatic transformations and redefinition of values. The visual culture of this nation is highly dependent on the myths, legends and beliefs that govern the culture of the people of Zimbabwe.

Innate, Implied and Imparted Energy

Innate Energy (Industrial or chemical energy)
This is a general form of energy attached to an object. This type of energy is in proximity to the industrial or the chemical process of manufacture of the object in question e.g. innate response to an old shoe would be something like.

A Thousand Icons on a cultural desktop

1) A relative aura that exists around objects, has an ability to evoke memories and trigger emotion and thought through visual interaction.
2) The visual ability of an object to stimulate
3) An Intuitive stimuli force generated by objects through visual interaction. Definition or classification of this force is based on varied response.

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