Christie Brookstein

On Meeting Oneself in Unexpected Places

When I was offered the chance to write for the POVO Journal - Women’s Edition for the second time, I was delighted. I had so loved the process of putting together an opinion piece and sat down with relish to write and instead hit that infamous writer’s curse – no words, just a blank page. This condition continued right up to virtually deadline, when it struck me that actually the blank page was what I needed to write about.

Fashion in the Time of Cholera

African Gatsby Collection in sterling silver
Shape Up crocodile hornback and belly shoulder bag
Karma Chameleon eye half cuff and ring in brass
Hakata Harmony necklace in brass
Hakata Harmony bracelet in brass

I was asked to write this opinion piece on the fashion industry in Zimbabwe and all the predictable adjectives like fledgling and emerging came to mind, when I realised that none of these truly captured what it was like to be in the business here and now. As I pondered how best to describe the state of designers in our country today, I began to relate to one of my favourite authors, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and decided to paraphrase one of his novel’s titles for this piece’s title.

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