Great Zimbabwe

Bringing Down the Walls

Since time itself, walls were built to protect societies and their livestock from conflict with wild animals, potential aggressors and the liberties taken by nature; sand or rain storms and other ruins-naturely. Walls evolved over time and we erected these to demarcate territory and assert claims to it. We housed ourselves, in the memory of our heroes we built walls and stamped their names on these or painted on them, poetry in their honour and for those unwanted elements, whether human or other forces, we built walls to shut them out or wall them in.

Attention to the Subtext of our Designs

The Afrikan context has recently been the playground for international developers that use it to create their rendered promises of functional and technologically relevant cities. These represent dreams and ideals of the global society- a capitalist one that does not necessarily meet the needs of the average Afrikan, one of which is a need for an alternative to the existing housing and socio-economic conditions.

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