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Around The Ground Report: Zimbabwe vs Pakistan 1st Test 2013 - Part 2

Coach Waller and his assistant Steve Mangongo have a chat as they walk around the field during play.
Castle one of the sponsors of the team.
Metbank seems to be the main sponsors of the grass embankments as they have banners and umbrellas all over the embankment.
Found some lucky bean seeds in my camera bag, but Zimbabwe would need more than luck to beat Pakistan.
A lone supporter relaxes in the shade.
An ICC official walking around the pitch.
The Harare Sports Club logo, that lion looks spooked!
No bins anywhere on the embankment, ZC needs to place some bins so people have no excuse for littering.
 A gust of wind blew the CrickShop away!
No home series is complete without the presence of Neil, Zimbabwes No.1 supporter.
The ICC anti corruption team sit behind the glasses under neath the umbrella.
Elton Chigumbura comes to collect a four with a big grin on his face!
Shingi Maskadza not so lucky as he is sledged by the crowd.
The pitch security seem more concerned about guarding the pitch and not enforcing the ICC rules on unruly supporters.
A dream scoreboard for Zimbabwe in any format of the game.
Grant Flower taking laps around the field at lunch and after the game on all three days that I was at the ground. Staying fit I guess.
Younis Khan prepares to play a shot on his way to 200.
Tinashe Panyangara made an impressive come back with some seriously miserly bowling. The way he bowled I didn't miss Kyle Jarvis.
The operator behind the manual scoreboard.
Harare Sports Club as seen from the grass embankment.
Our tourist friend had just finished rubbing some sun screen on his leg and am sure was hoping to take back a tan to his country of origin.
A beautiful sunset to wind down a good day of test cricket.
My sketchpad for taking down notes

Kyle Jarvis left for county cricket and refused to sign a contract with Zimbabwe Cricket. He was fed up with the off field battles with ZC. His decision though sad is understandable. And we can for see more taking up this option if it presented itself. Some were also called up from club cricket in the UK but they declined to come.

Around The Ground Report: Zimbabwe vs New Zealand, 1st T20

The Embankment, is the new boy on the block still trying to find his feet and his own identity. These fans pose for a photo and promised to be back on Monday for the love of the game.
The big scoop for today was getting the man himself Mr Ozias Bvute (Bha-voo-tee as it was pronounced in school...) Now we have a face to the name.
Brian Strang also wandered past the lens
Shingirai Masakadza almost looks mad. Probably thinking if I get another shot…
NZ and Zim Supporters on top of the Northcliffe Heights condos. Prime residential flats on the outskirts of the Avenues, Harare's red light district.
The camera at square leg
An airplane flies past the ground. Soon Zimbabwe will have 9 new airlines flying into Zimbabwe, including Emirates (which had a stand at Sanganai Toursim Expo) Quantas, KLM to name a few.
James Franklin standing at the Boundary which was pushed in by about 10 metres!
Kids playing Electric Wicket! Played with one batsmen and when you run you can stump either wicket so long as you out of your crease you will be out!
A dejected Wales rugby fan. If he was supporting Zimbabwe today I really feel sorry for him.
Two random fans who wouldn't leave without a photo, regardless of where it was going as I had told them it was going into the H-Metro (Harare's daily scandalous paper).
Fun for the kids as there was a big inflatable pool complete with rowing boats.
ZC merchandise for sale.
Brendon McCaullum and Martin Gupital ready for another onslaught. I have to admit I enjoyed watching these two going about their business. Clinical.
Dairboard nourishes the nation! Two ice cream vendors.

First and foremost would like to pass our condolences to Vusi Sibanda who lost his mother this morning. Thats why all the players were wearing black arm bands, and white in the case of New Zealand.

The ground was packed today,the atmosphere was great and the fans were in a festive mood, but the joy was short lived and by the time NZ came out all guns blazing, the fans were discontented and frustrated with the drop catches and lack of wickets.

Around The Ground Report: Zimbabwe vs Pakistan 3rd ODI

I arrived at the ground and was greeted by the new ticket
Mpofu and Coventry doing the water rounds.
The sleek new and improved Tino Mawoyo, after losing 16kgs! Looking good!
Guy falls off the rodeo Bull
Northcliffe Heights overlooks the cricket grounds, always thought it would be cool to live here and watch the games from 'home'
Some divas coming for a day at the games
Charles Coventary in the nets
Pitch preparation during lunch
Fan waving his flag
Neil, Harare Sports Clubs No.1 supporter.
Some dude giving taibu advice on how to play spin
Autographed shirt featuring Tatenda Taibu, Regis Chakabva and Grant Flower
Cool Pakistan supporter
Empty bar behind Castle Corner, a sure sign of the times!
At the new grass embankment
Vusi attempts a cover drive
Castle Corner Stand in the last session of the day with the supporters in full song
The small but lively Pakistan contigent
Zimbabwe Rugby Union sign looking out of place
ICC warning

Finally made it to Harare Sports Club (HSC) for the closing ODI against Pakistan. The last time I had watched a live cricket match at HSC was in 2008 when Sri Lanka came. I had never seen Lasith Malinga and Sri Lanka live and was looking forward to that but he was injured and Mahela Jayawardene was terribly out of form, good for Zim bad for cricket! Thats one of the ironies about cricket, you want to witness a sublime Jayawardene innings yet you don't want it to come against your own team! The last time I watched Pakistan was in 1992 which was my 'debut' for watching International cricket.

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