Karolina Jeppson

New stories to be told

During three months this year, I stayed in the village of Kufunda, southeast of Harare. Kufunda is just 35 minutes by car from the city, or 25 minutes by kombi and then a walk of 8 kilometres. Kufunda is not an ordinary village. It is based on principles of inclusion, co-creation and belief in the human being. During the month of March, Kufunda facilitators arranged a training program for young women in the Harare region, called Young Women are Medicine.

Child Within

I have seen the world begin
by women speaking
their child within:
I can do this, I can do that
I want this, I want that
I am this, I am that
I know this, I know that

But somehow on the way
our courage betrays
us, when coming of age
too early, too fast
the birth of our rage
will explode, be a blast

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