Raymond Muwaniri

25 ways for Zimbabweans to reduce their carbon footprint and bills

Every Zimbabwean is responsible for some amount of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions into the atmosphere induced by our daily activities, known as ‘Carbon Footprint’.  Climate Change/Global Warming is being caused by the collective increase of CO2 emissions into the earth’s atmosphere from human activity all over the world. As Zimbabweans and citizens of this planet it is our responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint to counter the effects of climate Change.

Need for Change of the Zimbabwean Mind-set

In this article I will be talking about the need for change of the Zimbabwean mind-set if we are to be sustainable and competitive in this new global village. I will be talking about Zimbabwean thinking but with relation to Afrika as a whole. After living in Europe for a while you get to experience a different way of thinking and I have come to realise that we Zimbabweans generally think and handle certain situations differently from Europeans. The mind-set we have has both a positive and a negative impact on the nation, I will be discussing the latter.


Why should we care about the Environment?

Raymond talks about why its important for us to care for the environment from Kloofendaal Nature Reserve.

Raymond Muwaniri is a Sustainable  Development consultant whose preferred areas of interest are  Environmental Management, Rural and Urban Development, Community Projects,  Climate Change and Global Warming, Global Justice He has a BA Honors in Sustainable Rural Development and an MA in International Politics.

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