Rodrick Longwe

Resolutions, Tar & Medals

I have never been good at keeping new year’s resolutions and 2015 was no different! The year’s list was; exercise more, save money, read more books and take the family on an exciting, adventurous holiday. Well, by the end of January I had not started any of those goals and was actually further from achieving them than I had anticipated. I have learnt that talk really is cheap and taking the first step in attaining your desired goals is the hardest thing to do and to maintain.

Take a deep breath and take on Zimbabwe

More and more I am finding myself in frustrating situations and I ask myself if I am the only one experiencing this or I should just accept that it is the way the cookie crumbles. Take for instance, walking into a grocery shop and then waiting in a long queue to pay for your groceries. Never mind the long queues due to the few till operators, and the hostile reception at the tills. I have to greet the till operator who is already frustrated from serving the long queues and then while she is serving me, she is busy chatting away with her supervisor which I find rude! Woo sa!

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