Sibusisiwe Zilawe

Painful Love / Cries of loneliness

Even surrounded by life
Loneliness gropes at my throat
I can't breathe because of the heavy emotion that seats very audibly
at the pit of my chest
I'm barely hanging on for my own life
The syndrome that causes a manufacture of sad thoughts
Unhapiness dancing at the tip of my throat,
Manifesting itself in the depths of my opticals
Leaving evidence flowing carelessly on the rough surface of my cheeks.
What is this? This desire for the one I love?
Who put it there in the core of my being
Who grafted it into the life of my skin,

Whom do I seek to please?

Whom do I seek to please, for whom do I live?
Am I for the one that makes me breathe
Or I serve the one that makes me grieve?
Have I forsaken my chosen path,
Do I follow the road to wrath?
Is this an ignorance of the mind?
Is my spirit willing to fight?
To what am I exposing my soul to?
Is it venomous what I let my ears listen to?
How else can I explain the filth surging through the flimsiness of my brain?

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