So Profound

POVO Annual Report 2013

2013 was a quiet year for POVO with no partnerships. Our expenses for the year were $3,230 which included, T shirt production, covering HIFA, Update of the website, Production of Hardcopy Journals. The election played a role to a certain extent and a nation stood still in anticipation. Elections have passed and life goes on. Initially for the journal we had targeted 40 pages but because of overwhelming response we bumped it up to 48 pages! Unfortunately printing hard copies is still a challenge hence we are publishing online.

The Math Poem

We live in a world where people pass mathematics but fail life
Ungodly life formulas got the people faithless
Able to calculate square roots
But failing to understand that Jesus is the root of life.

This irony of what people can and cannot calculate
Led me to think that'
Lucifer must have got chased out of heaven cos he failed mathematics
I mean look at it from this perspective

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