The 2012 Showreel from Art’s view

Film | By Aurthur Mataruse, Unboxed | 23 June 2013

As technology evolves and the human race paces to keep up with the present, I found myself at my tech savvy peak on a bandwith constricted continent, when I started streaming movies online that would come as festival submissions.

With this development, a friend of mine sent me a documentary that is a must watch for young trendsetters. Press, Pause, Play. This documentary pretty much outlines where we are technologically and how we use technology in the arts and media. Overnight “photographers” popping up from using Instagram and unripe filmmakers birthed due to exceptional equipment readily available as long as the pocket allows! Well accessibility isn’t such a bad thing is it? It’s all about how one uses their tool.
Another exciting online phenomenon was Kony 2012. A great example of having access to resources and not having the mind for factual narrative execution. I got to know of Kony, whom I had hardly heard of before, whilst being reassured how obnoxious a lot of the “free world” population is. If you missed this well made, revolution intended joke, go on youtube, Kony 2012, remember you will not get your time and bandwith back.

On to the silver screen, an appeasing documentary, Marley. The life of a legend, a musician and the world’s most famous Rastafarian. This piece shows just how Bob Marley will never die in people’s hearts and playlists. Robert Nester Marley’s revolutionary and spiritual journey started from a young age, being spawned from a black woman and a white man he was society’s punch bag. The story of how his music started is told first hand, a bitter daughter says expresses her woes and the firm Rita tells how she knew she was Marley’s guardian angel. A compelling piece and the story of a legend.

I have heard a lot about Che Guevara, seen images of him and knew part of his revolution. As to any revolutionary there’s a story behind. Che’s story is beautifully told in the feature Motorcycle Diaries. He travels through Latin America from his home Argentina on a bike with his best friend. The poverty they see and the experiences he endures travelling as a young physician compelled him to whom he became. Not only is the movie a beautiful piece of cinema nouveau, it is an enthralling piece of world history that is told just as a story.
Cinema style is fast evolving with technology, films of more substance are being released and these four pieces gave my eyes visual orgasms. So for your viewing entertainment, knowledge empowerment and quality bar raising visuals, catch one or all of these on whichever platform you can access them.