9 Words to energise your life

Religion | By Pfungwa Nyamukachi, Writer | 29 April 2013

Include the following words in your resolutions for the new year and strive to a more productive and happy year despite the situation and circumstances.
(1) Review

Take stock of the previous year and see where you went wrong, and how you can do things different this year.

(2) Rejuvenate

Liven up and do not focus on negative things. Kick start the year with a positive attitude towards life and work.

(3) Refocus

Evaluate the goals you have set and see if they are realistic

(4) Reunite

With lost friends and relatives and associates and bury the hatchet where there was strife

(5) Respect

Yourself and others 

(6) Rejoice

Always knowing that Jesus died for your sins and loves you and will not forsake you if you obey Him

(7) Retire

Bad habits and walk in a newness of life.

(8) Rekindle

The dying flame in a country that is fraught with corruption and lack of integrity

(9) Refill

Your heart with love, patience kindness and mercy.