The Amoeba Project

3D & Animation | By Claire Dongo, Animator | 31 October 2014

This project is a screenshot from a short film I worked on titled “Amoeba”. The short film came about as a component of my studies to complete my Masters in animation at Wits University. I was part of a team of four people who worked on this project  two of us being Zimbabwean.

I was primarily in charge of managing the production and guiding the team’s direction. I worked on every aspect of the production pipeline from concept to the final product but took a particular lead in modelling, texturing and technical tests. This short film has proceeded to be entered into various international film festivals. It has so far won a silver medal at the New York Film Festival in the United States. It has also been selected for screening at Stuttgart Animation Festival in Germany, Toronto Film Festival in Canada and Kinematifest in the United States. I am pretty excited by its success in so far as it is also Wits University’s first and only short animated film to do the international festival rounds since they started the program over 10 years ago. My hope is to help continue building the animation industry in Zimbabwe and make a difference.

Amoeba - The story is about a lonely amoeba called Fred who lived in the vast empty expanse of the petri dish. He played on his own everyday until he decided to end his lonely existence leaving this cruel world behind.