Around The Ground Report: Zimbabwe vs Pakistan 3rd ODI

Sport | By POVO Correspondent, Editorial | 17 May 2013
PHOTO: © Baynham Goredema

Finally made it to Harare Sports Club (HSC) for the closing ODI against Pakistan. The last time I had watched a live cricket match at HSC was in 2008 when Sri Lanka came. I had never seen Lasith Malinga and Sri Lanka live and was looking forward to that but he was injured and Mahela Jayawardene was terribly out of form, good for Zim bad for cricket! Thats one of the ironies about cricket, you want to witness a sublime Jayawardene innings yet you don't want it to come against your own team! The last time I watched Pakistan was in 1992 which was my 'debut' for watching International cricket. This time I was looking forward to see Younis Khan in action.

I arrived at the ground and was greeted by the new ticket. Which has been a sign of the times.

We were also issued with an access bracelet which was for the embankment. The embankment area is impressive. I was a bit disappointed that the povo don't have access to the embankment. HSC has lost that personal touch where you could wander from Castle Corner to the Keg without being bothered now all areas are fenced off and you have security guards everywhere, and I think its just a mess. Most of the people in the embankment didn't have access tags anyway. Embankment to the people!

There is a play area behind the embankment which I guess was the reason why it is cordoned off where there is an inflatable slide, jumping castle rodeo bull and that giant bubble thing- a Zorb I think its called!ZC trying to get revenue from every piece of real estate at the ground, not well planned as to make it look presentable. I hope they charge them a premium for making it look so ugly. If its to make sure the players are paid on time and in full then I guess I will turn a blind eye to the eyesore.

Neil aka Murehwa, HSC No.1 supporter was there as usual. I first saw him in 1992 and he is still going strong!  I hope ZC has given him a lifetime membership and he can just walk into any game and sit in the VIP if he so wishes.

While I waited for Taibu and Chakabva to autograph my shirt, soem executive type dude was giving Taibu, of all the players, advice on how to play the doosra. I was tempted to ask the guys afterwards if he was making any sense. Instead I just settled for the autograph and a few words of encouragement since Taibu had to take off his gloves to autograph my Tshirt.