Dzimbanhete Artist Interactions

Art & Design | By Chikonzero Chazunguza, Artist | 03 October 2015

Dzimbanhete Arts Interactions (DAI) is an arts and culture resource centre that prioritises heritage preservation by promoting, enabling and giving space to endeavors, which strongly articulate traditional oral and material culture. DAI is situated along Bulawayo road, some 25km outside Harare, Zimbabwe’s capital. DAI is almost hidden away from the highway, located between the Lion Cheetah Park and the Snake World, amidst massive rocks, away from all urban and city disturbances rendering it an ideal venue for artistic and cultural endeavors. 

Founded by Chikonzero Chazunguza through the inaugural DAI Month of Print making, held every May since 2008, DAI has evolved to encompass other art forms. We remain proud today for having offered residencies and mentorship to some of the internationally renowned Zimbabwean artists today.

To date, DAI has offered services in creative skills training, residency programmes, cultural exchanges, consultancy services and exhibition space. This includes offering workshops for professional and aspiring visual artists, collaborations with the local community through outreach programs. We have also hosted theatre workshops and performances, provided filmmakers with space and held several traditional ceremonies. In September 2014 we organized the biggest Mbira event ever, which featured 30 local Mbira groups who performed for 36hrs. This marked the beginning of an annual Mbira and folk music festival to be held every September at Dzimbanhete. Currently DAI is run by Chiko Chazunguza as the Director, Jonathan Goredema the Deputy Director and a consortium of artists lead by
Munyaradzi Mazarire.