The Eradication of Poverty

Society & Culture | By Tendai Mufunda, Activist | 23 June 2013

Whenever one flips through a newspaper there is guarantee of a report on a national disaster, a ruthless killing or a cry for help. Today’s generation will sympathise for as long as it takes to flip to the next page. The report may even be privileged enough to get an unexpected referral, before being used as lining in a kitchen cupboard. The articles that will grasp the people’s attention however, have to be laced with adultery, fornication or corruption. What has become of us that our compassion levels have been depleted to the point where a beggar on the street gets no more than a glance?

As human beings we are mandated to “love they neighbour as thyself”, is this still possible? If we have forgotten how to connect with our compassionate core, With Love Foundation can assist with bridging the gap. With Love foundation is a charitable organisation with aim to build lives a day at a time. All those in need, regardless of gender or race, are at the heart of WLF and they have put in place three initiatives have been designed to meet the primary needs of the people of Zimbabwe. There is a With Love Soup Kitchen which has aim to feed five thousand people before year end. Secondly there is “One Million Pieces” which has target to collect one million pieces of clothing by end of 2013, which will be distributed to those in need.

Thirdly there is a “Zim Clean” initiative which not only intends on cleaning the country but to also bring the community together in a spirit of oneness. The only way With Love can fulfil all this however, is by getting assistance and volunteers from the citizens of Zimbabwe. Let us once again come together as a nation and eradicate the spirit of selfishness that has settled amongst our people. We need to set an example for the generations to come, and restore the beautiful nation we call home. Let’s  make a difference; all we have to do is start.