The Error of Human Evolution

Poetry | By Wadzanai Chiuriri, Poet | 31 December 2016

The Error of Human Evolution
Our infatuation is fluctuating
Crippling our perspectives
Shadowing our vision
On every crucial aspect
We recycle and re-circle encircled concepts
Loosing fundamental frameworks
Our inspiration has been disturbed
By the movement of stationery ideologies
Our confidence dies an unnatural death
Yet mirrors reflect we are alive
Yet stuck of a dead form of being
The error of human evolution
Seeking substance – a refuge
We change the cords to the original tune
Again crippling the dance
In psychologically complicated theories
Of revolution and organisation
Plastered on a sociological background of confusion
The family collapses from religion
We collapse for our reason
We sell circular ideals in our media interactions
Interrupting a master plan to make us
Masterminds of creation
We turn what once was sacredness
To a mere scientific configuration
Illustrating hierarchical tabulations
Of our spiritual and physical needs
Turning us to a mechanical rather than moral breed
We miss the connection between the dots
Yet dot together syllabi for unknowing generation
To learn and adopt our mistake
 My mistake
Do I offend you with?
With this cruel honesty-
The error of human evolution.