God Bless Our Men a prayer for Afrika’s Sons

Poetry | By Marcia Nonkululeko Tladi, Writer | 28 December 2016

Let God grant us freedom from pecuniary chains
Lest our children thirst though this land is fat
Let God shine her generosity and help us lift ourselves from the rubble of oppression

God Bless our men, their works, their aspirations
Let her be kind to their pockets
Let the devices of their enemies break at the spine and never materialise
Let our children’s fathers taste of the land what it gives
The sweet of its waters and the wholesome of its foliage
God bless our men

God redeem our progenies through their fathers
And in turn, God bless us their mothers   

May God tighten our men’s resolve to truly sire
Never letting them mislay their virility
Lest they turn their ways astray

God, please bless our men, our fathers, our brothers and our sons
Give to them the light to their power
Heal their hurt so they may construct and not destroy
Mend them, God so they may acknowledge the kings in them
And that way, too the queens in us

God sanctify our beautiful men
Grant them resilience so they may uplift
Free them from the bonds of fear and its paralysis
Its hateful grip and the scars it leaves

God bless our men
Their mothers, their women, their children
God bless Afrika