Godobori poem at Shoko Slam Poetry Express

Literature | By Godobori , Musician | 19 May 2013
PHOTO: © Baynham Goredema

A Bobo lion Babylon won’t give me a visa.
Cause I'm a toi toi teacher prooza partista
Anti capitalista i'm the counter culture.
Rooted in the spirit like a Shona sculpture
Refuse to lose, use, used to propaganda.
X on the ballot so we struggle no longer.
The system keeps on coming on strong.
Uncle Bob, Uncle Sam or another Uncle Tom. 
We remain the same - poor and unemployed.
A black president or a female head of state.
Another window dresser sees the working class fate.
The democratic right to choose a new slave master.
These are cosmetic changes to make the slave work faster.
Yeah – what.