The Graphic Designer’s responsibility

Art & Design | By Baynham Goredema, Designer | 04 April 2013
PHOTO: © Baynham Goredema

After consideration of God’s laws, all creative artists must know and believe in creation, instead of evolution. None are here by mere coincidence, but by purpose hence we have a mission to accomplish. God created us in his own image, which is why mankind has the ability to maintain the order instituted by God. As mankind grows and succumbs to various influences or adheres to the status quo, they are moulded away from the true essence of the being created by God. Therefore we lose the creative instinct necessary to maintain order in the world. We become reluctant to bear the great responsibility that comes with the creative process. Graphic designers however have resisted the urge to shrug off the responsibility that comes with maintaining order, aesthetics, function and purpose. Responsibility is not limited to maintaining, but creating ways to add value to lives, motivate, educate and inspire the audience.

My question today is whether we, as creative artists are we aware of our responsibility and influence that shape the perceptions of society, to create beneficial objects of intellectual, physical and spiritual beings. If you think your role as a Graphic Designer is to create pretty layouts and fancy logos, then you have strayed from the true essence of the creative being. Our role is to communicate and influence perceptions in a way that will add value to the lives of our audiences so that they may benefit positively and aspire to continue in that spirit.