Heart Art Paintings

Art & Design | By Zvafadza Soko, Artist | 09 May 2015

Heart Art came to me in Canada as a method of striving to survive when I found myself at Walmart one night after waking up with a heavy heart, at my wits end. From that night painting has become a part of my life so much so that I moved back to Zimbabwe, the mother land to where I believe it will be most appreciated for what it is – Heart Art. For it is only in Africa that I have seen people live (I.e. laugh and love through hard times) in order to survive.

I am grateful for the opportunity to share my heart’s journey in painting, a journey which saved my spirit.

The Vision
I have committed myself to bringing focus awareness to the art that is natural beauty: nature, natural looks and man-made art. Art in all its forms is heavenly, so heavenly it is included the first line of the Lord’s Prayer. 

Nature & natural beauty inspire and guide the development of my work. I thank the Lord above for every piece I have
ever produced.

Colours of the Wind

I call this the colours of the wind because it took me the longest time to complete and as soon as it was completed the theme song for Pocahontas “Colours of the Wind” by Vanessa Williams played on television and seemed ideal.- Made with mostly oil paints

Window to the Soul

Here is a close up of the previous Reflections painting’s pupil. If one were to zoom in on the reflected images the above is what they would see in detail. Glimpse into my soul; a joyful and peaceful place to be. -  Made with acrylic paints


The red eye was inspired by my left eye. After capturing the image of my left eye, this abstract view was the reflection of home sickness and the anticipation of a joyful return home to my mother; Mrs. G. Soko. -  Made with acrylic paints