Heath Manyepa - Graphic Designer (1982 -2014)

Obituary | By POVO Correspondent, Editorial | 21 November 2014

Michael Danes - It is the saddest news to have to tell you that our dear Heath passed away today peacefully with Gretwin by his side. After all the fight he put in to it, he could not overcome the stomach cancer. This is a huge loss to us all and to the Zimbabwean design industry, his talent was endless and his wit was equally appreciated. 10 years of work with Danes Design was not enough time spent with this wonderful man, who provided so much to our portfolio and our lives. We will all miss him so sadly, go well and with peace Heathie.

Robert Machiri - My condolences!  I am really saddened by this. I met him a few times and felt the effect of his greatness as a designer. In the end shortly before he left to return home to Zimbabwe, I felt like I could call him a friend. Warm guy who was undoubtedly passionate about his craft (which is why he left because the environment was less of a value system he was used to), he left a mark on me. Though I didn’t keep in touch after he left please allow me to send my heart especially to his close companion Gretwin.

Saki Mafundikwa - REALLY sad news indeed! I taught him and he was a very talented designer.

Victor Bagu - I knew Heath. My deepest condolences man. Very sad loss there, truly one of the best designers I’ve known.

Baynham Goredema - Heath was a great and humble person and one of the best designers in Zimbabwe without a doubt. It was a privilege to have known him, to have been inspired by him and worked with him.  My heart goes to the Manyepa family and especially Gretwin for her strength during very trying times for such a young soul. He will be missed. Below is the last work Heath sent to me to critique, as this was a common tradition we had of critiquing each others work.