I am motherhood

Poetry | By Ruth Chatukuta, Communication Designer | 03 October 2015

I am motherhood

I am the earth that holds life
The grains of sand from which the songs of laughter waft
Rivers of life run through me to cultivate the love taught by the layers beneath me
For they too once were me and I now am them
I am the seed they protected and so I protect
I the support of many
The ground on which they build their dreams
And feed their minds
And grow in life

I am the earth that holds life
The wisdom of the ages
The strength of today
The power of tomorrow
The seeds of progress lie in me
I the field of the future
Wherein the trees of tomorrow grow
Leaves fresh from my energy
Bark solid from my positivity
Branches supple from my comfort
I give so they will give
I live so they will Iive
In the land of later

I am the earth that holds life
Roots anchor in me
I the support of the family tree
I am the dusty womb that carries breath
I am the clay hands that build kings and queens
I am the embrace of comfort
The kiss of love
The land that drinks tears of pain
The plains of peace and serenity
I stand against the waters of strife and persecution
Protecting the seeds of tomorrow from disobedience and foolishness
I am the earth that holds life
I am the strength of a nation
I am motherhood.