Lest we forget

Poetry | By Nyaradzo Dhliwayo, Photographer | 31 October 2014
PHOTO: © Nyaradzo Dhliwayo

Lest we forget, lest we ever forget,
That within us soldiers lay,
Lest we ever have the propensity to forget so easily our history
That wars were waged on this land to secure a better destiny for us.
Lest we ever forget that we are Lucky like Dube
To have the liberty not to worship human kind and be slaves in our own land, 
Lest we cloud our eyes, not to see the dance of liberty
John Mauluka captured with his lens, and chain ourselves with mediocre prophecies
Lest we ever forget because some media field has fractionally tried
To divide and subtract the knowledge we have of how we came to be entirely.
Lest we cease to hear the intrinsic djembe drums of victory our fore fathers played.
So this is for those of us who don’t understand that
This land cannot be contained or defined by whatever simplistic categories
That exists in our minds.
This is for the born frees and everybody who thinks
The concept of our independence is abstract.
Lest we think like assembly lines and forget
That with this independence came with it an unbounded potential to be free.
Free to love, free to give, free to stand, free toexpress,  and free to live.
May this day remind us and teach our wounded souls how to fly
Because we were made to be free, a divine poem destined for the sky.
Happy Independence Day!!!