Littered Souls

Poetry | By Dudu Manhenga, Musician | 28 December 2016

More than they
More sick than they
We still blame they
We are many
They are few
Littered souls

Dirt we don’t mind
Boys are girls
Girls are boys
Children are wives
Wives are husbands
Husbands are wives
Animals give birth to Man
Upside down

Walking about naked
Our flesh no longer sacred
The state of our souls
In our streets
Flying plastics
Flying thoughts
Stinking allies
Stinking speech
Littered souls

Means of exchange dirt
It’s more than the dirt on that dollar
Robbers our protection
This is a bad reflection
Pick up that paper
Clear your conscience
Cover that body
Erase perversion
One piece of litter at a time
Soon both conscience and land will be clean

No more littered souls
No more dirty exchanges
Cleaner money
Though not new
No more blaming they
We are many
They are few