The Longest Freestyle - Zimbabwe

Music | By mUnetsi , MC | 11 January 2014

mUsain Bolt - The longest freestyle by a Zimbabwean rapper weighing in at 59mins - 22sec. Its fitting that title is carried by Zimbabwe / African  lyrical heavy weight mUnetsi. Ironically titled mUsain Bolt but its anything but a short dash! We have highlighted a few of our favourite lines Verse is when there is a change in instrumental. We only managed to fit in up to 19 minutes! Each Week mUnetsi releases two freestyles on monday #mUMondays and on friday #FearMeFridays. An impressive work etchic and passion for the art. Two studio albums, Muzukuru WaGogo and Chaminuka Zimbabwe Super Hero Listen on soundcloud / Follow him on twitter @incrediblemU.

Some spellings and names maybe incorrect

Zimbabwe, you now rocking with the best. //

Tell your favourite rapper;
To touch his android phone because his writing sucks.
This is how you do it you sissies.
Move; its Monday boo.
You ready?

Have a nice round of applause;
As we bring on to the band stand.

Onto the stage.

Good evening ladies and gentlemen
And I’m very happy that you came here.
I would like to make you laugh;
I would like to make you cry.
I’m very happy to be here x 2;
I am very happy to be here.

(mUnetsi Intro)

Ah move it not;
Chew it nah;
Puttin it back savin the fact
Ev’body know I’m making these tracks;
Makin it rap;
Makin it phat;
Pushin the back.
You know watsup;
We know we in touch;
I got that brush;
You not as much;
I’m out of wash;
You get brush;
I wear like that;
We on the show;
I push them flows;
Get that doe;
Do what you want;
Put ‘em on discount;
You can’t front
I’m bringin it back;
I swing the trak

(Clears throat)

I’m ready right?
I’m ready man;
Psyched up and stuff.

Yo ladies and gentlemen;
Welcome to MuMonday’s episode;

But now you late;
Well; la – lady;
Ladies and gentlemen (echo)
Ah-ah sentiments (echo)
Ah-ah you all;
Ah – ah- all;
Yo, yo.
Serious responsibility;
Pandinorapper it’s criminality;
Penetentionary bar system;
MaBar system like;
Lawyers when they takin them tests;
Put it to rest;
You now rockin with Zimbabwe’s best;
I’ve been blessed with the gift to just rock;
O-ff the top of the dome;
Until I starting bangin my chest  like I’m King Kong;
Empire State building is the same old feelin when the ozone layer starts;
It’s gettin broken and you outta here;
mUnetsi solo winds like photosphere;
And we see the vision even if it’s not as clear;
As it we wanted it to;
I even supplant you;
And if you are the Governor then I’m coming to reck atcha;
Um, I there to raise new temperatures;
Get the aperture while I get the fuller um, picture.

I’m a killer;
True assassin;
You still browsin;
And um Brooklyn folk home;
Takin it home;
And um chillin n’ lounging on the loafer;
Rockin this from the dusk to the A.M.;
MCs, yo yo;
You can’t play him;
You better stay away;
You best beware cuz um outta here;
And um well aware of my environment;
mUnetsi got consignment;
I’m so militant;
The belligerent forces that I do have;
Ndinorova munhu wese;
Who doesn’t have a shave in their head;
That’s 98 per cent of the population;
I still crave for kusvipa;
Nhasi zvinhu zvazoipa;
6 October and um ‘bout to rock over;
Kunge matombo ekuEpworth;
Um ‘bout to give birth to a lot of rappers and then give ‘em death;
That’s called um;
Building and destroyin;
That’s called um;
Firin and employin;
Yeah’ and I do this for enjo –oyment;
In a way you can’t avoid this;
Ndanga ndada kukosora;
After asara though some saliva yadzika;
Down the wind pipe;
Man I been tyte;
Ever since like 1988;
Yo kazhun type;
Because God blessed me;
You can’t curse me;
You study my freestyle then rehearse me;
Just to see if God really uncursed me;
I do this from the banks of my memory.

With flow so I make ‘em withdraw;
Cuz you nothing but a window shopper;
And um ‘bout to come in helicopter;
And um pullin these cars over;
Kunge maPolice Officers kuCalifornia;
Rest in peace;
Ma emcees that  over saturated kunge population density yeCaledonia;
Man  um onto ya;
I still haunting ya;
Like a ghost of Fafner Hall;
Um ‘bout to make another cellphone call;
Microwave energy;
Ndichipa myself some synergy;
mUnetsi ane chemistry;
Without the biological classes;
My emcee they sweeter than molasses;
They like suckerin;
They still suckin kunge vasati varumurwa;
Ndinovagura head up;
Zvichireva kuti you decapitated by my guillotine;
It’s emancipated kunge black people;
Ironically vachiri kupfeka chains and the rock whips;
Um that deep;
So deep in fact that Atlantic Oceans seems like the shallow end of swimming pool;
And my gene pool yaka studwa ne mascientist;
They withdrew like compounds, atoms and even molecules; 
Then it put the whole human race to ridicule.

I belong to Mensa;
IQ yangu when um spittin swiftly is 150;
Um still shiftin kunge magear aNigel Mansell when he was doing F1;
Um formula racing;
Um embracing, a lot of concepts and philosophies;
Mainly from the East;
Every rapper claims that um a beast;
So, ever since this I’ve been rockin triple 6;
I hang around;
No, I didn’t want to say that but I been around;
You got no flow;
mUnetsi hands like clothes in wardrobes;
Oh my God;
Oh my Jesus;
mUnetsi is on his knees, praying that there is crisis ine humanity;
We’ll be dealt with soon;
I can imagine that the future without MuNesti is so dim;
It’s so dark;
It’s so grim;
You are fishy kunge salmon nebream.
Ma emcee anonyuruwa from Kariba;
So its still, rhyme after rhyme;
Fishing competition;
Line after line;
My God, I’m so divine triple 7 entering heaven;
Ndiri paradise, ndino rimwa kunge garden of Eden;
Then after this after this, I tell you;
Musadye muchero uyo kani;
Uri forbidden;
You don’t wanna listen;
Ndokudzingai down to hell;
Where you can chill with the devil;
Um protected in this paradise with an angel;
Ine flame and sword;
The game is bored;
Because mUnetsi came like a concord;
Nose down;
When I lift off its nose up;
 I’ve got the gift of Gab;
Um so sharp I might stab;
Mweya wako until wakusvika kuna Mwari;
Pauno enter denga ogoridwa kunzi ah;
Mwana ari kubleeda.

This year maemcee achaconceda defeat;
Ndino defeata kunge tsoka dzenyu dzinoperera pama ankles;
Ah you at wrist kunge bangle;
My God you at wriss;
You got freckles;
Um all up in yo face my brethren;
mUnetsi rocks fo the brothers and sist’rens;
Marasta anondifarira;
Hanzi this kid knows about black history;
Like February month I have always been blunt;
Kunge zvaiputwa naBob Marley;
Um that party intotangwa ne maRevolutionary;
I want lean back;
I can’t stand back;
I can’t pretend that;
That um wack I’ve never been sub-par;
Mabars angu pandaingo szvipa ever since the first verse;
Made emcees stand in amazement;
Straight up to the ceiling from the basement;
We in the building kunge cobra yered;
Kwa kwa kwa P.D and dead;
Vanhu vese vano laugher but instead;
I was bred as a stranger;
Hip hop messiah;
Ndakakurira mumanger;
Ndiani a’dakuzviita anoketa;
I kick it like um Swarez;
I don’t watch soccer i just picked that name off the top of thin air;
Its been fair;
And its been clear;
And i have been pairs;
Maemcees they keep trying this;
Um conjoined pa makidneys kunge Siamese;
Twins and its embedded in my genes;
Frankenstein monster like 2014;
Maemcess they acting like stubborn teens;
Vasingade kutereera from their parents;
Um still fighting ZIMURA to give me some clearance;

Oh, ndakosora;
Maemcee lotion man;
Then after this;
I recognise varikutora to much time;
Trynna bust too much rhyme;
Chibeat chau’da kundirasisa;
Its actin funny;
Nowadays rappers wanna sing about money;
And they dummies;
I rap like an Egyptian mummy;
Yaking um;
I keep comin like women;
What they doin;
 I didn’t mean to swear oh my God
I took it there;
No, no sexuality;
I explore some contours and in fact;
I happen to force maemcees;
I make em look into their drive like windows explorer;
Yo, muri ana dhora;
To macartoon charaters;
Speaking foreign languages;
I used to carry alien baggages;
Til I got dropped off this mother ship;
Um on some other lip;
Yandiri kutaurira vanhu;
Varikuda kuungana on some sistership and brothership;
Ndoabuser this emcee out of protest;
They so feminine ndofonerwa Msasa Project;
Zvonzi no mUnetsi idomestic violence;
You shouldn’t have rapped;
Waidai wakavapa silence;
Ndine mileage;
Yandiri kungoketa;
1 million kilometres away from Qatar;
Iri kuIndia;
It’s part urban how emcees;
How emcees is closer to the shores;
Kunge Durban;
Oh my God;
Beat rine tempo;
Ino reducika even when the pitch stops;
Um able to manipulate time therefore influence rhyme;
And they enter their mind with some forceful genealogy ya Sherman Japhet;
Maemcees um futuristic like a prophet;
So i gotsta give u your props;
See in me;
Only means that clairvoyant 

You keep floating;
I put thoughts inside of a casket;
Which means ndouraya pfungwa;
Slicing it up kunge Bakers Inn nechingwa;
So in love with the hip hop game;
And um ‘bout  to put it up in the whole town drain;
And that’s the theories;
Um  on the front line;
And my gun line;
That though mUnetsi stay halos;
No, mavoice arikutaura;
All um trynna do is speak zvinhu zvino dhura;
Well , you can’t even come close;
Muri hemebe dzemubhero when it comes to rhyming;
Um designer clothes;
Pfungwa dzangu;
Wide as hell;
Which means;
Hadziperi nekudzika;
Maemcee wavava kunge paprika;
Soon as mUnetsi azosvika;
Ndiri mambo Zimbabwe neAfrica;
Yo, muchashamisika;
Yeah; how can a man be in love;
And fell alone;
When he has a woman like you stuck up in a zone;
All i need is a queen to complete my throne;
o-oh um a diamond that’s shown;
It’s really hard kufreestyla pabeat rinotaura;
But i do it like its nothing;
Becoz its nothing;
You emcees writing like its something;
Put your Blackberry away;
Go suck away;
And you can tuck away;
The new day;
Tichiunza 7 December or October;
Its what  I meant to say;
Yes the MuNday;
Um introducing maemcee they were giants;
Um reducing them down to a pulp;
Ndiri as cold as the summit;
Iri kumaAlps nemaHimalayan mountains;
Ha – ha Mount Everest;
While you smoking Everest.

mUnetsi put it better than the rest;
When it comes to testin these kids;
I do good deeds;
Good Samaritan;
mUnetsi half martian;
Like Malvern but emcees they start dwelling on past issues;
Zvimwe zvacho zviri petty;
You not ghetto no more;
You look pretty;
So fabulous;
I rap for 2 hours;
Now maemcee they come softer than maruva;
They are flowers;
But the game is almost over;
4 kilometres there’s no one closer;
Hapana munhu watinokwata;
It’s so spot on;
Munhu watino respecta ndiBeggotten;
Synik and um then Outspoken um toti Eectric;
The rest of you will get broken;
In my sleep;
Um that deep;
Superman i take a freakin quantum leap;
The minute yandinozolanda;
I’ll break one of Satan’s rings;
I do my thing;
Um as lovely;
Fly like angelic wings;
Kana achi bhuruka vari kudenga;
With four figure heads;
I even trigger lead;
Inotanga kushoota vanhu kunge ZDF;
Pavairwa hondo kuDRC;
Hapana munhu anondikunda paM.I.C;
Cuz M.C zvinoreva kuti;
mUnetsi’s Chosen;
MC means it’s cryogenic;
In my memory which means the memory is frozen;
Man i gotten its alittle O;
My God should I rewind that;
I find that a lot of emcees;
Wanna blind back the Ray Charles.

Um we internet like pay pal;
I served you over the net kunge Vennese naSerina;
Maemcee zvazotswinya;
This year marocka nemonya;
Inoansa vakamira padoor;
I’ve got many flows saka um feelin like a banser;
In nayro struggle;
It ain’t no struggle;
Coz kandinorapper;
I buy sex;
Ndine mamuscle;
Get it Bicep;
Bisect sounds similar;
Mahomonym aya atirikutara;
Pause there is no homo;
Just becoz ndati homo;
All of a sudden you feel sexually aroused;
I even browsed your history and your past;
And it’s quite curious;
Like your sexuality;
Probably i’ll be the greatest emcee this world will ever see;
Cuz  i rap from the top of my spirit;
Ndinenge muface uye nda’fem yemalimits;
Limitless when he swallowed that pill;
mUnetsi’s like a hospital;
Um that ill;
I even pay my bills;
Maifunga kuti muchandibata;
But ndakakufundai mari then you became Lady Squanda;
When you tried to reach me;
Nda’ndaenda kunge ZESA;
Though you paying your bills;
On line off line;
It’s that real;
When i log on;
They log off;
Um that hard you;
There’s no Windows;
How I Excel;
It’s Power on Point;
When I put my Word in;
And um still here;
I quit them heads in;
Tinofudza kunge mombe;

This year;
Tazomhanya nemukombe;
Tiri Team Hombe;
We ain’t Stunnas;
We brought that word Arsenal;
Tiri maGunners;
Emcees  they can’t say nothing upon us;
Ndakabhabhatidzwa naJohn the Baptist;
Mwari akati this is my son;
The lyricist in who i am proud;
So like Moses before the sea;
Um born to move the crowd;
It’s not allowed;
But ndiani azviprohibita;
Ndiri’ramba ndichisvipa;
I wish i didn’t have saliva;
So that I could go continuously;
And keep it liver;
But dai ndadisina amoles in my lips;
It would become unpalatable;
Which means chikafu chandaitsenga hachaizo digestwa;
With the first stage ye um kudya;
Varikutya kuti mUnetsi kana auya;
He’s sworn is grind achiramba achikuya;
I keep mixin;
I keep trans fixin my sight upon thes e vixens;
Mawomen these days vano modela;
Their selves and their character;
After um Nicky Minaje;
I call that the double tragedy;
Tichiram’mo muZimbabwe;
Really in reality tiri kuda kuona zvinhu zvine;
We don’t care who rooze or what not;
I keeps it that hot;
Long focus;
You like attention span;
So short;
Oh we can never be bought;
Ayo Jango where the hell did you chain go;
mUnetsi arocka;
Ari deranged so;
Vanhu vanoti anopenga;
I do not like this beat one single bit;
But um the king of the streets;
I gotta do it;
And move like electrons;
Muconduits ;
Which means I testify that umm;
Load yatino cover iri muaverage;
Ma emcee ndinokutsengai kunge cabbage;
Zvazino tinovhura nmazino kuvaudza kuti;
Tinenge machino we stay so envogue;
You hate me because um such a rogue;
X-men feel like Wolverine;
Tricks up my sleeve like I stayed in the joint u-ah;
Pyramids on point;
Kunge obelise iri muHarare Garden;
Who else think that they Joe Buddens;
I jump this stuff when you try to pump it up;
Vanhu vazhinji vaiba maflow;
I tried to keep it high but you did on the low;
Wow you came out the closet;
I run Zimbabwe ndiri Robert;
M.U.G to the A babe;
Emcees still wanna stray babe;
Murikunditsvaga muchitit m’pfana aenda kupi;
Baba shupi word;
I need a hook for this;
Camera spot on;
I need a look for this;
Ndiri pano musanditsvage;
Don’t act like um hard to find;
Words that i spit is;
Bars for the mind;
Emcees trynna seek counsels with the dirt h-ah-ha ha ha;
Alien technology yaunza kwamuri;
Yopinzwa to the back of your nervous system;
Now hows that for neurology;
Study the numbers;
You see when I slumber;
Nyangwa zvinhu zvichijomba;
It’s that dip;
Which means mawackest rhyme;
Is probably one of your best oh;
King um ruinnin this test;
Um as cool as the inside ye refrigerator;
Even deep freezer;
You as empty as ma fridge emugutter;
This vocational;
I got capability yandakatora;
Um light speed;
Network yemacellular phones;
Flying over the land like American drones;
You ain’t me;
You just a clone;
Ndokudya kunge cone;
yeIce cream;
Have a nice dream;
Wow triple beam;
Um aim at the rest of the game and so it seems;
Ma emcees you really need a gym;
They were claiming they’re phat;
When they really over weight;
The… hate;
Hold up;
They know that um great;
Sort of;
Ever since Grade 5 i have been on my promenade;
And i serenade you;
Ndokupinza uri mulalaby;
Then I say I hie in the morning
Which means ndokurarisa nezvibakera.