The Math Poem

Poetry | By So Profound, Poet | 07 October 2013
PHOTO: © Baynham Goredema

We live in a world where people pass mathematics but fail life
Ungodly life formulas got the people faithless
Able to calculate square roots
But failing to understand that Jesus is the root of life.

This irony of what people can and cannot calculate
Led me to think that'
Lucifer must have got chased out of heaven cos he failed mathematics
I mean look at it from this perspective

By nature God is a mathematician
In the beginning he subtracted darkness and added light, divided darkness
Light equal day and darkness equals night
Differentiated heaven and earth

Integrated all time under heaven into one place
Gave the seed the permanent power of multiplication
Calculated way into time to solve the equation of sin
By using Christ as the constant

So truly Lucifer must have failed mathematics
In an exam where you are supposed to find the summation of God's greatness
And give praise and worship as the answer
Instead he used complex numbers
And got blinded by the eyes which were rooted in selfishness
Instead of praise and worship? He gave pride as the answer

So like in first grade,
It was one the devil minus three the trinity, So basically it can't
He was thrown down to earth
Where he keeps deceiving people to fail mathematics like he did

Cos Jesus is the way the truth and the life
So the mathematics of life is this
Life is equals to Jesus
Jesus is equals to the word
The word is equals to God
Cos God has the Word
And the word is equals to Love
Cos God is love

Still entertaining the thought of mathematics a thought just hit me
That if my life was like a shape?
What will it be?
So I am trying to square things out
Cos I am tired of being in stupid love triangles
And hanging around circles where God doesn't matter

Regular seen patterns of getting high like a kite
Got my life irregular like any polygon with no line of symmetry
Buried in false doctrine, mind constantly plotting evil
Just like the Pentagon.

So really, if my life was like a shape what would it be?
Will adding all the sides of my character equal a Godly perimeter?
Or after the principles of his word have calculated my area
Will it be big enough for him to establish his kingdom in me?

Or maybe?
if my life was like a shape it would be shapeless
For if this one dimensional shape could't contain me
Maybe Two or three dimensional shapes cylinders or cubes
Cos the Holy spirit will need to fill me
Still it would be shape less

For its no longer I that liveth but Christ who liveth in me
The life I live I now live in faith
Faith takes any shape, like a heart
Because faith worketh through love

So if my life was like a shape it would be shape less.