Mobile Phone Photography

Photography | By Baynham Goredema, Designer | 10 January 2014

This year I intentionally got a  phone with a good camera and decent video to start an exciting journey in mobile phone photography. I wanted to explore a new world afforded by this form of photography. It has opened up a new world of exploration for me. The candid shot in public once difficult with the inconspicuous DSLR is now possible without raising eyebrows. The prevalance of camera phones and people taking shots of each other has meant that you are treated with less suspicion when taking shots in public. Mobile phone photography for me is more a stream of visual conciousness. Instagram is my choice for microblogging and publishing my photos to the world. Through it I have connected with more passionate Zimbabwean photographers who inspire me along the journey. There is definitely a place for mobile phone photography in creative expression and maybe one day in full commercial production.