A shepherd’s dream

Poetry | By Marcia Nonkululeko Tladi, Writer | 31 December 2016

Between the golden blades of wheat,
Distanced from where acacias retain their midday shadow,
The sun finds entangled in orgasms,
Melanin limbs of lovers
In shimmering sweat glazed

She arches her back
Where his hand grips the small of it
Caressing with his fingers that place to seat his seed
While deep inside her planting this kernel cocooned till ripe
A quake announcing its embedding

Not one sweet birdsong creams,
the melody of her soft scream’s dream
Nor the field-wind’s breeze,
the rustle of his shifting rhythms
And the vast skies bear sole-witness to their forbidden passion

Between the golden blades of wheat
Out wide in the open yet beautifully secreted
A tear, a moan, a heart breaks from too sweet love
A girl succumbs to his manhood’s arrest
And a woman becomes, to make a man

He tears her skin, the gates to her womb
And all at one time, the chords of her virgin heart

He tears her skin, the gates, her heart, tenderizes her ass
He makes her cry, the skies, they see
The sun, it weeps
She loves too sweet
His locks, she grips
Holds on for life
The earth, it moves
He belts his pace
She screams and screams
As they arrive

No longer girl,
A child conceived

They pant and pant until they sigh

Between the golden blades of wheat
Out wide in the open where the herd lazes from its graze
The shepherd watches on his back the sun descend
The saccharine breath of lovers worn, through his nostrils ascend
His cane rises in honour
To praise the man
That made a girl, a woman