Survey 1 - Would you lead a creative campaign for ZANU PF?

Surveys | By POVO Correspondent, Editorial | 12 November 2013

If ZANU PF approached you and asked you to come up with a creative campaign to win the youth, would you consider it? This survey came about during the period running up to the elections and with the knowledge that progressive parties would by now working on their campaigns and would need professionals to provide creative service. Of the 56 people approached, which included designers, fine artists, musicians, journalists, only 14 responded with some siting fear as the reason not to participate. 57% of respondents said they would be willing to work with the party. Below are some of the responses.

- I would participate. In principal I believe in Zanu's political ideology i.e economic empowerment of indigenous Zimbabweans although I have reservations about most of the individuals who are in the party's leadership (I think the leadership is basically corrupt and too old). Despite my reservations I think Zanu presents a better alternative in terms of Zimbabwe's future and direction. I guess that's an indictment on Zimbabwean politics in general

- I think it would be an interesting challenge.
- It is a very good opportunity to make money and gauge how well I can argue to resuscitate a discredited entity.

- Because i'll get cash!

- Its challenging and the task seems impossible. I would love to be credited with having changed public opinion, though credit might not be given.

- Because I need to survive (for the money) and besides it wouldn't have any major impact upon the majority of voters.

- Because the revolution must be intelligent - research driven and well organised. Because the answers to the questions what do I not know and what am l not supposed to know? unlock so much revolutionary potential. It is in our careful appraisal of these questions that we expand the boundaries of our freedom and re-assert why we even bother with the questions of our politics, our beings and the things we bother to stand for or against.

- I have had encounters with the political parties, but nevertheless there are there to achieve their political objectives. There might be ways and means used to justify the way to achieve these objectives, some I do not agree with entirely, but from a strategic point of view, do they yield the intended results? I have noted that they sure do. How to fix this, I think it begins with us the electorate, then businesses. The answer to this question is why I would I scorn you for belonging to a different affiliation than mine? Am I not rightfully within my rights to decide which affiliation I want to belong to? I am also a firm believer that sometimes these rights should come with prescribed limitations, but thats another tale for another time. It is my belief that if a prospective client does approach me, from a business perspective, I would take the contract. As we all know and rightfully appreciate, businesses are there to make a good return on investors funds. So if the current crop of management are the impediments to this objective, then these are the roadblocks to that corporate objective. It however depends with the availability to meet the contracts' demands, etc, so we are using an assumption that we are able to fulfil this contract. When we begin to placate labels to beliefs, that is where all reason is thrown out. Now depending on what the current businesses' affiliation is, that is now a different ball game altogether. Remember some time ago there was a team in our soccer league - ZIFA league, that had some adventist owner and they did not want to play on Saturdays. The commercial farming community businesses during the late 1990's was and /or still affiliated with their particular choice of political party. If the investors of the corporate company approved the meddling of the business with any affiliations, then so be it. It is the management's call.  So in summation, the business has a mandate to make a return to its investors, so if a contract comes that we are able to fulfil, we will work on fulfilling it despite the segregating of our clients.

- And I won't even spend a night thinking about it. I'm not an opportunist and I believe in long term things. I'll wait for other projects. Doing work like that will come back to haunt you, your family, your relatives, your friends e.t.c. The question leads to personal political views, maybe if I wanted a farm I would have thought otherwise, as for the other side, I'd gladly do it for free any day.

- No, I would never work with ZANU. I see them as a corrupt, moribund party that is responsible for nearly murdering the Zimbabwean dream. Working for ZANU would merely prolong the limbo and pain of the people of Zimbabwe.

- I think its safe right now, given that I am new in business and so would not want to jeopardise my reputation by getting involved in politics. Long term, it does not look like its a clever decision as Zimbabwe politics can be unpredictable.

- I'm one of those artists that keep cautiously away from politics and religion. I do recognise that you can't choose who you do business with but I'm more of an entertainer. Over time I do realise that I might lose the luxury of choosing who or what I want to work on, I pray it never comes to that. I'm just an entertainer. If I worked at a formal advertising company I don't think I would have been given a choice there.

- Simply because politics is a power game that robs the people of the knowledge and strength that the politicians need in order to remain relevant. I wouldn’t take part in any political drive be it, Zanu PF or MDC because they are players in a flawed system and framework.

Not prepared to participate
I will pass boss! Just that am not really comfortable discussing politics online! Let me just say in ZIM people are and live in fear so whatever outcome you get, it will have that influence! When you start speaking politics you have to sort of check over your own shoulders and whisper a conversation, very funny so not speaking is the best,  think!

 If you have any experience with working with ZANU you can state.
- NO, But i'd keep it a big secret even my wife won't know. I'd design and maybe strategize the concept and hand over all the files to Saviour and I get my cash on hand over. Then I march back to SA to buy a new LED 3D TV.

- Not directly. I suppose l have worked with the State and not the Party ZANU PF. I daresay the opportunity has never arisen though l am curious about how ZANU works, what brings them together, what they really stand for etc