Survey 2 - To Spec or Not?

Surveys | By POVO Correspondent, Editorial | 12 November 2013

With only one day to respond designers and artist in Zimbabwe and the daispora were asked to air their views in regards to doing spec work. Based on their context. World wide the debate rages on whether or not to do spec work and its effect on the industry and the changing dynamics in the world of business.

We have compiled some of the answers. From the same survey we also wanted to find out the demographics in regards to software and operating systems that were being used. Of the 56 designers asked to participate only 9 took part! Of those only one was a female. One of the main reasons for the low turn out was the 24 hour deadline for the survey.  All of the respondents own their own equipment, average hourly rate is between $30 - $75 depending on experience. All are Apple Mac users, using Adobe CS Suite. With some who own a PC and use Corel Draw as well.

Q. Would you enter a competition that offers $1000 Prize?
55% answered in the positive and 45% answered in the negative, below are some of the results.

- I would, even for no payment!

- In our Zimbabwean industry I would definitely need the extra dollars.

- To see if my design is appreciated and can win. 

- Only if I have the free time at my disposal & I feel its for a good cause.

- I think the competition stuff works better for junior designers or students trying to get a bit of money for groceries or drinking. Kushandiswa muHarare. munhu ngaapihwe mari yake yakakodzera kwete zvemakwikwi

-  It's not worth the time.

- This is what college students need, I stay far away from this kind of thing. Why hire designers if in the end you want to change what you have chosen to be the best design solution. Lol and since when do people run a competition where you might win a BMW but we have a right to replace it with a mini or just give you nothing.
- Ongoing commitments, and projects that do not create a relationship hardly motivate me. No one night stands :).

- It affects our market as a collective in terms of rates and it also devalues our practice.

Q. Should Designers pitch for work?
44% said they would be willing to pitch for a project. Whilst 33% said it would depend on a few factors.

- It depends on how big the campaign is that you want to pitch for. If its a big campaign I would, it would help on my portfolio.

- Maybe (depends on their relationship with the client, I’d pitch if there's 90% chance that i get the gig

-  50/50 it depends on how big the campaign is that you want to pitch for. If its a big campaign I would, it would help on my portfolio

- If the designers stand a chance of success, Yes

- It depends. All work should be done because one can offer a service and a solution. If you feel your service and or solution can add value, and has a chance of being accepted then yah.

- That's why we have portfolios.

- I do not think that competitions promote good design practice in regards to impartial and professional selection of well thought out design. Design involves many stages that a panel of judges may not consider. I do however think that I would consider a design brief that would showcase all entries in a design publication thereby giving an audience a chance to comment on  and appreciate all entries.