Taking fashion to the people

Fashion | By Victor Nyajeka, Fashion Designer | 24 June 2013

Experience the power of synchronized thinking in empowering the next generation setting new trends as Zimbabwe’s fashion is coming in leaps and bounds. Drawing lessons from Kenya and South Africa’s fascinating fashion success stories, emanating from investment in contemporary fashion using cultural personality. Zimbabwe’s eclectic form and ethnic background brings its fashion, cultural tourism, creative arts story alive recapturing and harnessing the metaphoric, ancient, creative voice that once set the drum line for the image branding of our multi- ethnic cultured Society and our land, the marvel of the Great Zimbabwe.

2013 presents a platform for active collective transformation evoking to evolve new thought patterns igniting the rise of Zimboism authentic design forecasting the future of Zimbabwe fashion, arts, cultural tourism, business& leisure defining how we want to be known as a people. It is a time for Zimbabwe to put her best fashion foot forward. Designers, artists, and black smiths convey and portray messages and concepts through their repertoire embracing different social trending themes. Zimbabweans share different assumptions and beliefs about society, dress and culture. In most societies dress defines the cultural personality of the people. People develop and demonstrate a sense of belonging and peculiarity by wearing clothes and accessories that forms and defines their identity. Zimbabwean fashion brands must use the different divergent media platforms available to intelligently engage and catch the attention of their audience by cleverly embedding a common ground of cultural personal values and emotions with their potential followers.

Brands must grow with the needs of the prevailing markets because today the audience has a wide exposure to market intelligence and is becoming more acquainted with the latest prevailing trends. Local Brands are often trailing behind as followers are becoming pace setters challenging the fashion industry on the internet and setting new street fashion trends through their personal opinions and styles and, at the same time, are in constant search for a deeper content in the mainstream global fashion world. As a result the world of fashion is becoming more dynamic and challenging posing a wake up call to local fashion brands and fashion enthusiasts. This moment calls for new thought patterns in design and a bold proudly-Zimbabwean approach to fashion igniting Zimbabwe’s fashion flame-lily.