Whom do I seek to please?

Poetry | By Sibusisiwe Zilawe, Writer / Poet / Humanitarian | 08 May 2015

Whom do I seek to please, for whom do I live?
Am I for the one that makes me breathe
Or I serve the one that makes me grieve?
Have I forsaken my chosen path,
Do I follow the road to wrath?
Is this an ignorance of the mind?
Is my spirit willing to fight?
To what am I exposing my soul to?
Is it venomous what I let my ears listen to?
How else can I explain the filth surging through the flimsiness of my brain?

Is it because of the poison I yearn to empty down my oesophagus?
It devours my dignity consumes my sense of shame
Leaves me uncovered, exposed, a mere weakling
Even the feet I’ve known for eternity start to deny me
My eyes have become heavy with gloom
Even they reject this destruction I have brought upon myself
This toxin I’ve guzzled down has manipulated my brains
To think this is what its all about
Being in ‘high’ spirits
This hazard to my soul
I let it control me
Whom do I seek to please?
Am I king or slave?