Will you make the time?

Womanhood | By Linda Gabriel, Poet / Activist | 09 May 2015

Foreword for Issue 06 - Women's issue

January came and left so did February and March and April decided not to stay as well. And here we are! In May, marking the second quarter of the year, what does this mean to you, me and other readers who will stumble upon this article? 

Early one morning, open those windows and curtains, wide open. Allow some breeze to freshen your room, apartment even if it’s your mother’s house. If you are like me, then brew some coffee or simply make a cup of tea.  This is that time of the year where I am inviting you to take out your pen and notepad, start listing. List all the women who have been a part of your journey. Acknowledge each woman and the role she plays or played.

I want us to look at each woman, reflect on how she became a part of you. Was it on your first day in high school? Was she your brother’s girlfriend? Did you meet her at a book launch?  Or getting down to some good music? Were you once enemies or that childhood sister-friend of yours? I can almost see you smiling. Years down the line, what has the sister have to offer? When I say offer, please note we have to run away from financial help, not that it is not important, but let’s just shift our focus from finances to many ways that these women have been a part of you. Some things that they have done could be tiny and can easily go unnoticed if you tend to ignore them.

For all My Sisters’ Sake, I am tired of hearing phrases like, ‘I am busy’, ‘I am tied up’ and ‘I got a lot on my plate’, ‘Sorry Linda, I forgot we were supposed to meet and catch up’. I know and understand that everyone has to do what they have to. As much as a lot of us sisters say we are busy, I strongly feel we are rather acting busy, too busy for a glass of red wine with your girlfriends?  Too busy for girl talk and a time out?
Remember that Sunday afternoon when everything was going the wrong way, you sat down and ringed that woman.  That one woman, your best friend! You knew she would make time to listen to you. 

Imagine that day when you got sick and a sister made time to visit you. After you healed, did you make time to pay that sister a visit to catch up and say ‘thanks for checking on me’? I am not saying that’s what should happen all the time we all fall sick, but wouldn’t it feel great?

How about that day when your aunt sat with you in silence whilst you soaked in tears? When your kid sister drove your kids to school?  When your grandmother made your favourite meal? And that day you got some advice from a renowned actress.

After a reflection of this and when you are done with your listing, will you help me acknowledge, thank and celebrate all these women who make time for you? In the next coming months, Will You Make Time for these women?